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BTD Fantasy Football: Playoff Time!

Kareem Hunt out of the NFL. James Connor injured.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The fantasy football playoffs are here (or maybe they start next week) and what a strange low-scoring week of NFL football we just had. Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers played terribly. Also, Kareem Hunt seems like not a good guy and was released by the Chiefs after lying to them, before video evidence exposed him. Usually you pick up a handcuff running back for injury reasons, but regardless Spencer Ware is now a whole lot more valuable for fantasy football (I’m assuming you’ve already grabbed him though).

Let’s jump into it, time to win the fantasy football championship!


Running Backs
  1. Jaylen Samuels - Pittsburgh Steelers
  2. Jeff Willams Jr. - San Francisco 49ers
  3. Justin Jackson - LA Chargers

Some unconventional names pop-up on this list, but at this point in the season you probably have your starting lineup set. If you desperately need a running back to step up and play though these guys should be serviceable.

Wide Receivers
  1. Courtland Sutton - Denver Broncos
  2. Adam Humphries - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  3. Chris Godwin - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I don’t think DeSean Jackson is going to play this week, which makes Humphries and Godwin smart plays. I also think Sutton is going to finish the season strong, but I don’t blame you if you don’t trust him in the playoffs and want to drop him.

Tight Ends
  1. Cameron Brate - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  2. C.J. Uzomah - Cincinnati Bengals
  3. Ian Thomas - Carolina Panthers

Greg Olsen re-injured his foot, which is a big blow to an already weak tight end position. I’ve got Gronk and I’m about to drop Olsen. I’ll just sink or swim with Gronk on this playoff run.


  1. Den Broncos vs. SF 49ers
  2. LA Chargers vs. CIN Bengals
  3. Ten Titans vs. JAX Jaguars

Going forward the Denver Broncos have a very favorable playoff schedule. At this point in the season I would definitely recommend looking ahead at favorable defenses and quarterbacks.


There’s no tomorrow when it comes to the playoff match-ups. I’ve been playing fantasy football for several years and I often find myself dominate the regular season and falter in the playoffs when it matters most. Now is the time to grab handcuffs and extra defenses/quarterbacks etc.

One strategy I would recommend is to look closely at your competitors and what they need and evaluate your own team. Right now I have two very good running backs on my bench (LeSean McCoy and Spencer Ware). I’m not going to start either player during the playoffs unless something drastically goes wrong for my starters, but I’m also hesitant to drop either player for a defense or another quarterback, because my opponent is in desperate need of solid running backs.



  1. Marcus Russell (12-1)
  2. Justin Sattelmaier (9-4)
  3. Joe Londergan (8-5)
  4. John Severs (7-6)
  5. Erik Briggs (6-7)
  6. Kyle Wilson (6-7)
  7. Albert Lee (6-7)
  8. Callie Cornilles (4-9)
  9. Travis Johannes (4-9)
  10. Patrick Moen (3-10)

Best of luck in the playoffs and have a great week!