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BTD Mailbag: Dam Answers

Answering questions on recruiting, Ed Ray and what Pac-12 football player the Beavs should poach

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Stanford Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

You asked and we did our best to answer. All things baseball, football and basketball related. Keep a lookout for our next call for questions coming later this off-season and don’t be afraid to ask us some weird ones.

If you could steal one non-QB player from another Pac-12 team, who would it be and why?

Marcus Russell: I’ll go with Jay Tufele, defensive lineman from USC. The redshirt freshman earned 2nd team all-conference honors and is an absolute monster. At 6-3, 310 lbs he racked up racked up 23 tackles and 3 sacks and would absolutely bolster Oregon State’s defense line for the next three seasons. Also look at this touchdown, the kid can run!

Travis Johannes: This is a very very good question, that I most definitely did not submit to Marcus. I would probably also go with Jay Tufele, but since Marcus took him I will go with the defensive freshman of the year from ASU Merlin Robertson, LB. He racked up 77 tackles, 8.5 TFL and 5 sacks. A young disruptive force to go with Morris, Avery Roberts and Addison Gumbs would give the Beavs some young talent to build around.

Joe Londergan: I’ll go with Evan Weaver from Cal. A linebacker who had 141 tackles this season with 4.5 sacks and two interceptions, I think he would give OSU a nice boost.

John Severs: Since the D-Line seems to be covered, I’ll shift things over to the secondary. I’d grab Paulson Adebo from Stanford. Adebo was an honorable mention for the Pac-12’s Defensive Freshman of the Year, and garnered second team All American Honors from the Football Writers of America. He had two interceptions this year, one of which was this amazing grab.

If Portland got a new MLB stadium with a retractable roof, how many games a year do you think the Beavers should play there, given their druthers? And how many people do you think they could draw?

MR: Over/Under maybe 4 games? I’d expect around 10,000 fans depending on the match-up. The Beavers are playing 3 games in Safeco in 2019, but playing in Portland would be way cooler, I like this idea.

JL: 3-4 games year, probably. I’ll be somewhat conservative and say it would bring a crowd of like 7-8,000 maybe. Keep in mind those games would be in like March or April and it is unpleasantly cold here in PDX at that time, retractable roof or not. Either a series or a tournament type thing would be cool. Get OSU, Oregon, Portland, and maybe Gonzaga down here for some games. All those schools have a lot of alumni in Portland so in theory it would sell really well.

JS: I think they’d have to have at least one Beavers vs Ducks game. Maybe two, each team gets one home game at the stadium.


The beavers have been recruiting defensive linemen and offensive linemen heavily recently. Our defensive line was horrible and I don’t think our offensive line was as good as some people give them credit. Also, lots of offensive linemen are leaving. Do you think the coaches will keep recruiting linemen or are their some other positions of need that you think they will recruit also?

MR: The Beavers absolutely need the most help on both sides of the line. 6 of their 14 verbal commits are currently lineman and more could commit in the coming weeks. Another position of need is in the secondary, specifically corners who can cover the many pass-catchers in the Pac-12. Also, it will also be interesting to see if the Beavers recruit another quarterback with the transfer of Conor Blount.

TJ: It looks like they are hitting the JUCO route for some plug and play linemen. There is also a decent chance a grad transfer O linemen from Arizona is going to rejoin his old OL coach. While the lines definitely need to be a focal point of recruiting I think they need to cast a wide net and load up at almost every position(especially on defense)

JL: Lineman are definitely a need on both sides. Yeah, the offensive line did some good things but they could be better and they’re losing some important guys from that group very soon. So I think that’s a good focus but if OSU signs a few more defensive backs, that might be useful seeing as so few have been able to stay healthy here the last few seasons.


We’ve heard many rumors about why Andrea Aquino is redshirting this year. Rumors including words like: “Never play again”. Do you have any insight into what’s happening with her?

MR: There is a lot of speculation with Aquino and the sad truth is we won’t know until next season on her status unless the university or her coach releases an official statement. I sure hope that she is okay though.

JL: We haven’t been able to confirm anything. It’s unfortunate to see her not be able to play, for sure. Hopefully she can get back out there soon.

Can Beaver fans clue in Ed Ray to the need to distance himself from Larry Scott?

The Beavers rely heaviest on conference money and are only hurting themselves.

MR: Ed Ray is an idiot... That much is clear. There really is a lot of negative energy around the Pac-12 though and I’m not sure what the answers are moving forward.

TJ: I have very little respect for Ed Ray and this is just another reason why.

JL: Sticking by Scott at this point is a little confusing. All I can say is that enough of the alumni who give the athletic department money make some sort of statement, either verbally or financially, that’s the quickest way to see change in that area.


Please tell me we have recruited an extra point, field goal kicker. Also, what quarterbacks are on Oregon State recruiting list ?

MR: I don’t think the Beavers will recruit a kicker. (Jeffrey Nelson - Clackamas Kicker is a guy to keep an eye on though). As far as QB targets keep an eye out for the following guys:

  • David Baldwin
  • Jalen Chatman (Rutgers transfer)
  • Weston Eget
  • Nathan Lamb

TJ: Yea, I dont know whether they will offer a scholarship to a kicker or hope for a PWO, but I think there needs to be some competition in that area.

JL: No kicker recruiting targets that we know of. Punter Luke Loecher, who will be a redshirt sophomore next season kicked in high school though so...maybe he gets a shot at it at some point?