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BTD Pac 12 Pick Em!

Last week was a weird one, what will this week bring?

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Colorado
Not all heroes wear capes
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Current Leaderboard:

Marcus 47-21

Travis 46-22

Justin 46-22

Joe 45-23

Patrick 44-24

Leo 44-24

Coach 43-25

Kyle 43-25

Ross 43-25

John 42-26

Arizona vs Colorado

Will Colorado get off the mat? Or will Khalil Tate kick them while they are down?

Arizona: Marcus, Travis, Justin, Kyle and Leo

Colorado: Joe, Patrick, Coach Ross and John

Utah vs Arizona State

Utah is good... They must have a ton of big boy pants

Utah: Everyone


NCAA Football: Arizona State at Washington
Herm is upset we didn’t pick him
Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Oregon vs UCLA

We almost unanimously picked Oregon last week and they lost in embarrassing fashion... Can we jinx them again???

Oregon: Everyone

UCLA: Nope

UW v Stanford

The two best coaches in the conference square off

UW: Marcus, Travis, Justin, Joe, Patrick, Coach and John

Stanford:Kyle, Leo and Ross

USC v Oregon State

Six of us would be happy to be wrong...

USC: Marcus, Travis, Justin, Joe, Kyle, and Ross

OSU: Leo, Patrick, Coach and John

Washington State v Cal

Mike Leach is a gem

Wazzu: Everyone


Who is right? Who is wrong? Tell us below!