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Oregon State Men’s Soccer: Season Ends With Loss to St. Mary’s

A fantastic season comes to an end.

John Severs

Despite a hard fought effort, the Beavers’ season has ended with a loss on the road to St. Mary’s. The Gaels, the eighth overall seed in the tournament, scored the only goal of the match, in the 80th minute, to take a 1-0 lead and the eventual win.

The Beavers, especially goalkeeper Adrian Fernandez performed well. Fernandez made 5 saves during the course of the match, before surrendering one goal near the end of the game. St. Mary’s and Oregon State were even on shot counts, with 10 each, but the Gaels were much better about putting those shots on goal. The Gaels had six shots on goal, and the Beavers only one.

That one shot on goal was from Hassani Dotson, who had two total shots in the game. Don Tchilao added another two shots, and Carlos Moliner had three. St. Mary’s defense was just about impenetrable though, blocking nearly any shot the Beavers could take.

It’s a disappointing end to the season, but its a season the Beavers can be proud of. Coach Terry Boss engineered a remarkable turn around in the program, and players like Don Tchilao and Gloire Amanda put together some amazing highlights. The future of Oregon State Soccer still looks bright.