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How To Watch: Beavs and Huskies

The penultimate game of the season!

NCAA Football: Stanford at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Can the student defeat his master? Will Jonathan Smith get one over on his old boss or will it be more of the same? Here is how to find out

How to Watch the Oregon State Beavers vs. Washington

Time: 1:30 pm PT

Location: Seattle, Wa

TV: Pac 12 network

Online Streaming:

Radio: 1240 & 1340 (in Corvallis) - 620 & 1190 (in the Portland area)

Another option for those who don’t get the Pac 12 and don’t live close enough to pick up a radio signal is to listen to the radio broadcast online. You can listen live online at the Oregon State site here and you can also try this nation wide site.