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BTD Pac 12 Pick Em

We have a tie for first!

NCAA Football: Washington State at Colorado Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Current Leaderboard:

Marcus 56-23

Justin 56-23

Travis 54-25

Joe 53-26

Patrick 52-27

Leo 50-29

Kyle 50-29

Ross 50-29

John 49-30

Coach 48-31

Utah V Colorado

Can MacIntyre save the job he reportedly already lost? Nope

Utah: Everyone



The battle of LA!

UCLA: Justin

USC: Everyone else

Washington v Oregon State

Just don’t look

Washington: Everyone

Oregon State:

Oregon v ASU

We might not have all picked them, but Go Devils!

Oregon: Marcus, Travis, Justin, Patrick, Leo, Kyle, Coach and John

ASU: Joe and Ross

Arizona V WSU

Do they finally Coug it? Kyle and Travis think so

Arizona: Travis, and Kyle

WSU: Marcus, Justin Joe, Patrick,Leo, Coach, John and Ross

Who is right? Who is wrong? Tell us below!