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Oregon State Football: What We Learned Versus Colorado

Beavs double their win total from a year ago.

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to week eight of What We Learned. The Oregon State Beavers snagged their first win against an FBS opponent in two years after completing a miraculous comeback against the Colorado Buffaloes, 41-34 Let’s look at the takeaways from this game.

Oregon State’s 22 road game losing streak is over

Washington State v Oregon State
The last time Oregon State won a game on the road, this guy was the coach.
Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

I remember the last time we won a road game. It was 2014. My parents were visiting me at my last house, helping me rebuild a deck. I didn’t have the Pac-12 Network, so I was trying to stream the audio online, but the stream wasn’t working. So my dad and I went down to one of the bars in town that was streaming the game (no one in the town legitimately had the Pac-12 Network, because you know, Larry Scott). The stream sucked, cutting in and out and creating a near 30 minute delay between real time and what I was watching. Little did I know, I was witnessing something that I wouldn’t see for another four years. That’s how sad this is; I clearly remember that day like it was an unforgettable tragedy.

Jermar Jefferson is the first 1000 yard rusher for OSU since Jacquizz Rodgers

At Building the Dam, there might have been a time or two that we have mentioned, this guy is good. Jefferson continues to lead all Pac-12 running backs in rushing as well as all freshmen nationally, despite missing most of the game against California. Even though the football team has fallen on hard times for quite a while, it’s hard to believe that Jefferson is the first to crack a 1000 yards since 2010.

This team still doesn’t quit

If this team was going to quit at some point this season, you would have thought it would been after a 42 point loss at home. But nope. Give props to these kids, it’s their moment, but let’s acknowledge the job this coaching staff has done to keep this from going into a total tailspin.

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Beavers are one of the best fourth down teams in the nation

The combination of Jonathan Smith and Brian Lindgren has made the offense aggressive and worth watching again, and in doing so, fourth-downs have become an interesting statistic for this team. The Beavers were three-for-three (including two that resulted in touchdowns, see below) against Colorado to bring their season total to 19-of-23 (good enough for the top five in the nation). Their success is a huge turnaround from just two years ago when they just converted just three out of 15!

Even an injured Luton...

Is apparently the best quarterback.

I made a joke during the California game that we might be better off with Jake Luton, ball in one hand, crutch in the other. Turns out it’s true! At times against Colorado, you could tell how hobbled he was with his ailing ankle; bless that guy.

Oregon State v Colorado
Jake “The Legless Lizard” Luton
Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Coming in after halftime, Luton turned out the stat line we’ve seen all year from the quarterbacks: 28/39, 310 yards, three touchdowns, and no turnovers. Isaiah Hodgins really benefited from Luton slinging the ball his way with 11 catches for 146 yards and two touchdowns (including a two point conversion).

My optimism didn’t let me down this time

Though I picked Oregon State last week against California, only to witness the Bears shellac the Beavers, it somehow did not deter me from picking them again. I kind of felt that it would be poetic, the Beavers snapping their road losing streak against the team they last beat away from Reser. I also figured the Buffaloes might be really a bit after suffering their first two losses the last two weeks, and Offensive Coordinator Brian Lindgren would licking his chops pull out all the stops on his former team.

No shower beer for me!