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What We Learned Versus California

We aren’t good.

NCAA Football: California at Oregon State Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to week seven of What We Learned. The Oregon State Beavers were nearly shut out by the California Golden Bears, 49-7. Let’s see what our lessons were from this game.

This Was Bad...

...Real bad. I had flashbacks to Gary Andersens’s first year where we were shut out by UCLA at home 41-0 and then stomped by Washington 52-7 two weeks later. This team is rebuilding, but there have been moments hope in the first half of the season. This, however, seemed like a big step back, especially considering there were two weeks to prepare against a struggling team.

The Retro Uniforms Were Cool

The homage to the Giant Killers appeared to be a hit on game day and may have been the best part of the day for Beaver fans. Unfortunately, I don’t expect to see these beauties again anytime soon with the goose egg the team wearing them laid on the field.

The Band is Good

The Oregon State University Marching Band put on quite the show at halftime where they played songs from 1980’s films such as Say Anything and The Breakfast Club. In fact, I’m fairly sure the crowd stood up to cheer and admire the band more than they did for the football team.

We’re Still Waiting to Get Healthy

While the team did have Jeromy Reichner make his Oregon State debut on the defensive line, there are still many missing key components. Many were confused to not see Jermar Jefferson early in the game, but when he eventually made it into the game, it was apparent that he wasn’t 100%. Then Conor Blount left the game after a hit to the head, making way for third stinger Jack Colletto to take the rest of the snaps.

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Arizona State
Jermar Jefferson had one big run of 33 yards, but was obviously hobbled.
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

We’re Bad

Did I hint at that already?