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BTD’s Pac-12 Pick Em!

Only a few games this week, who did we choose?

Washington v Utah
Did I grab my big boy pants from Gary?
Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

Current Leaderboard

Justin 40-12

Kyle: 39-13

Marcus: 39-13

Joe: 38-14

Patrick 37-15

Leopoldo: 36-16

Travis: 36-16

John: 36-16

Coach: 35-17

Ross: 33-19

Arizona V Utah

Utah shocked the world a little last week with an upset over Stanford. Can they stop Khalil Tate as well? Everyone except Kyle says yes.

Arizona: Kyle

Utah: Justin, Marcus,Joe, Patrick, Leo, Travis, John, Coach and Ross

UW v Oregon

Can UW continue their dominance over the ducks? Let’s hope so.

UW: Justin, Kyle, Marcus, Joe, Patrick, John, and Coach

Oregon: Leo, Travis and Ross

UCLA v Cal

UCLA looked impressive in a close lose to UW. Does Chipper get his first W?

Cal: Justin, Kyle, Marcus, Joe, Patrick, Leo, John

UCLA: Travis, Coach and Ross

USC v Colorado

Looks like we aren’t fully bought into the Colorado bandwagon quite yet, sorry Ralphie Report.

USC: Marcus, Patrick, Leo, Travis, John Coach and Ross

Colorado: Justin, Kyle and Joe

Tell us who is right and who is wrong in the comments below.