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Record Watch: Week 2 Edition

In an ugly opening game, Nall & Villamin posted pretty numbers

Oregon v Oregon State
Beavers football returns to Reser today!
Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

It's incredible how a season can swing so quickly on a single game. Before last week's opener against Colorado State, Oregon State fans were talking about a transfer quarterback that would be a difference maker and a running game that featured as many as five viable options and a receiving corps that was dynamic enough to keep any defense guessing.

Even after last year's 4-8 season, Oregon State fans were talking bowl games.

Then Colorado State happened. I saw some upset fans on social media, and perhaps they had a right to be. The Beavers went away from a run game that was working, and spent the second half trying to play catch-up on the arm of Luton as the quarterback threw 47 times in his Beaver debut.

Some fans are still talking bowl games, but the chatter is now more subdued than the preseason buzz was. At least Minnesota (who the Beavers lost a close one to last season despite playing poorly on the road) didn't look great against Buffalo, and Portland State is in town today. A 2-1 non-conference record is still a legitimate possibility, and would get Beaver faithful excited for Pac-12 play.

Before Portland State kicks off, here's a look at what Ryan Nall and Jordan Villamin did last week in their charges towards Oregon State all-time numbers.

Ryan Nall, RB - The Beavers best weapon on offense looked the part in the first half against Colorado State. Early in the second quarter, Nall broke free for a 75-yard touchdown run that showcased a little bit of everything. Nall has the vision to see the open holes, the strength to break a tackle or two, and the speed to cover ground once in the open field.

On the day, Nall finished with 115 yards on 15 carries, with one incredible touchdown.

Jordan Villamin, WR - The senior receiver, coming off a disappointing 2016 campaign, had a solid game against Colorado State. While he never broke free for a deep ball, Villamin moved the chains a few times with catches over the middle and at the sidelines. Timmy Hernandez had the highlight touchdown catch that was the first score of the game, but Villamin finished the game alongside Noah Togiai as one of the Beavers two leading receivers.

On the day, Villamin tallied 77 yards on 7 catches.

2017 Record Tracker (career totals) - 1 game played, 11 to go

  • Ryan Nall - 1,521 rushing yards (#10 Sam Baker - 1,947 rushing yards)
  • Ryan Nall - 17 rushing touchdowns (#9T Dick Twenge & Dave Schilling - 20 rushing touchdowns)
  • Jordan Villamin - 106 receptions (#10 Reggie Bynum - 149 receptions)
  • Jordan Villamin - 1,568 receiving yards (#10 Roddy Tompkins - 1,845 receiving yards)
  • Jordan Villamin - 12 receiving touchdowns (#10 Sammy Stroughter - 14 receiving touchdowns)

Author's Note: Each week in 2017, I'm going to look at the players that are within reach of the all-time ranks in Beaver history, as well as any surprise efforts that might land among the single-game or single-season records. Stay tuned as 2017 progresses, and we'll track where Nall and Villamin—as well as any other Beaver athletes that emerge as record-setters—end up by season's end.