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Listen: The Day That Reser Nearly Fell

Travis and Leo discuss the absurdity that was Oregon State versus Washington in 2007

California v Oregon State Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

You may have noticed that SB Nation has been doing a special focusing on the crazy season that was college football in 2007. We here at Building The Dam have written about two of the best Oregon State games that season in the upset of #2 Cal and the double OT Civil War victory. We also wanted to take this opportunity to talk about the craziness that was the Washington game that year. OSU was on the verge of bowl eligibility when an under-performing Washington team with Jake Locker at the helm came to Reser, and what followed ended up being one of the crazier nights in Reser history. A game that included a scary injury, punches being thrown, one of the worst calls you will ever see and a very upset Reser crowd. Take a listen.