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BTD: Summer Mailbag Answers

Who will be back for OSU Baseball in 2018, who will catch all the passes in the fall, does the NCAA know how bad Greg Street’s strike zone is and much more.

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Minnesota
Expect these two guys to be on the receiving end of a lot of passes this fall.
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

You asked, we answered. We bring you our dam thoughts on baseball, football and well a Dam. I apologize for the delay on the answers as I have spent much of my free time the past week hanging out under a table trying to convince my dog that the fireworks were not a sign of the apocalypse.

Note: we got a lot of the same/similar questions so even if you don’t see your question, you may still see an answer.

Will Michael Gretler be on the team?

Travis Johannes: We will know for sure soon as the deadline to sign with a Major League team is tomorrow, but my crystal ball says yes

Will OSU do any followup with NCAA, regarding the horrible umpiring in their two losses?

TJ: Im sure the NCAA received a very nicely worded email from OSU baseball.

Joe Londergan: As far as I’ve read nothing’s been formally filed or sent or whatever you want to call it. I think the NCAA knows there were issues there. There were plenty of missed calls throughout the tourney, not just in those two games, and it was apparent to most fans and media outlets. Casey’s not really one to cry over spilled milk though so I’d imagine he’s moved on.

Can you break down the 2018 baseball recruiting class?

TJ: Once the dust settles regarding MLB signing day we will have a post detailing next years squad as well as recruits.

JL: Like Travis said, we’ll go into a little more depth in a full post, but there’s some quality kids in this group. All in all, there’s three pitchers (all rightys), two infielders, an outfielder, a couple of utility guys, and a catcher. I’m personally a little bummed that commit Kevin Watson out of Beaverton opted to go pro since he showed some awesome offensive potential in high school, but the Beavs should be able to compensate.

Why isn't there a dam at Oregon State? Could be great for tourism!

JL: As the name of this site suggests, we’re working on it...

What happened with Christian Donahue? Will or can he come back next year?

TJ: The specifics of Donahue’s suspension are unknown, as far as I know, but I would expect him back next year. While he had a down year this year, he has shown in the past that he can be one of the best players on the team.

JL: Nothing’s been said about what he did and I’d imagine it was just one of those rules that Casey’s a stickler about. In my experience, every coach has like one or two things that they just absolutely hate. But if you want to play conspiracy theorist there’s a couple speculations in this reddit thread.

Who's gonna be catching the ball the most this upcoming football season?

If the Beavs start spreading it out I want to know which guys are going to be the go to receiver options (Top-5 list)?

TJ: There will be plenty of options for [Insert QB name here] to throw to this season with the return of Jordan Villamin, Timmy Hernandez, Seth Collins and Trevon Bradford. Throw in 4 star WR Isaiah Hodgins and a healthy Noah Togiai and the Beavs will have weapons all over. If I had to guess the top 5 I would go with Villamin, Togiai, Hernandez, Hodgins and Bradford, with Seth Collins racking up a lot of all purpose yards.

Leo Castaneda: Last spring it appeared that Noah Togiai would emerge as a huge weapon in the passing game as he and Darrell Garretson were developing a connection. Unfortunately his early season injury kept that from blossoming. If he stays healthy, I think he may become a consistent option and possibly lead the team in receptions. Looking at this spring and seeing how quickly Isaiah Hodgins impacted the game, I’m looking at him to be the dark horse to lead the team in reception yards. After that I think it’s Villamin, Bradford, and Collins to round out the top five.

Summer leagues

Now that the baseball season is sadly over, will any Beavs be joining the Alaska Baseball League?

TJ: It doesnt appear that any are up in our 49th state, but there are several Beavers playing summer ball around the country. Check out our recent report.

Well that’s it for now. We will have another call for questions as football season approaches, but until then you can always hit us up in the comment sections or on twitter @buildingthedam.