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Dam Answers Mailbag #3

Answering your questions on soda pop, Mike Parker, OSU baseball playoffs, recruiting and confused fans

Oregon State v California Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

This is the third entry in our newish semi regular series where we answer your questions about all things, not just Oregon State (but mostly Oregon State). Keep a lookout for our next call for questions coming later and check below to see if we answered one of yours!

Is Mike Parker contractually obligated to say, "Goss Stadium at Coleman Field" and "The McGrath Family Press Box" (for two examples) because he says it so many times it gets annoying. Maybe after the first dozen times he could just say Goss and the press box -- or is it required?

Travis Johannes: I have no idea whether it is a contractual obligation or not, but I would doubt it considering Parker is not actually a university employee, he is employed by the radio station. If I had to guess he says it to pay respect to those who have earned the right to have their name immortalized by OSU. The McGrath family was instrumental in not only getting a press box, but also in the stadium expansion, which Pat Casey credits for helping with recruiting and making OSU a household name when it comes to baseball.

Also it is my personal belief that Mike Parker can saw whatever he wants cause he is the proverbial GOAT of sports broadcasting. I will have more on that in a story later this week though.

TJ: I definitely don’t think it’s too early to consider regionals. It would take an amazing collapse for the Beavs not to be one of the 16 teams to host a regional, and they are obviously in a very good position to host super regionals as well. While baseball can be a fickle game, and anything can happen, I would fully expect this team to play the rest of their games in the state of Oregon until right around June 17th when I will hopefully be visiting a city in Nebraska. As far as who you want to host in the regionals, I don’t know honestly, but the current projection from D1 baseball has Texas, Nebraska (who the Beavs have beat twice already) and Fairfield making the trip to Corvallis.

Is it soda, pop, soda-pop, a liter of cola, or a large Farva?

Posted by OSU_OGRE

TJ: Soda... Specifically Mountain Dew.... Mmm Mountain Dew

AO: Here in Northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA) we refer to our carbonated soft drinks as “Soda” but, I’ve heard many unique ways it was referred to. For example, I heard that in some areas down south (specific areas unknown), all forms of soda are referred to as “Coke.” That means if someone were to order a sprite, they’d say “I’ll have a sprite-coke.”

I saw on 247 Sports that people predicted Alexis Yetna would go to OSU 100%. Now it looks like he is going to USF. We could really use a PF like him. How come we couldn’t get him? Whats up with that?

Posted by Trumonkey

AO: Excellent question, Trumonkey! While many sports analysts and journalists typically know their stuff, they’re predictions and inferences are not always 100% correct, for they are only human. Keep in mind that when it comes to recruiting and free agency in sports, that nothing is guaranteed until a contract is signed. An example of how quickly an athlete can retract their decisions is the Deandre Jordan-Dallas Mavericks fiasco during the 2015 NBA off-season where the former, who was a free-agent at the time, verbally agreed to sign with the Mavericks, only to backtrack and re-sign with his original team, The Los Angeles Clippers.

I witnessed a license plate frame that was perplexing.

It had "University of Oregon" in the terrible color combo of green and yellow.

On the bottom was "University of Washington". Purple and gold. Like they are kings…

As a Beaver, this one of the most offensive combos I have ever seen. (USC/Notre Dame would also be vomit inducing.)

What is the most egregious thing that you have seen involving the Ducks and some other terrible school(beside every sporting event involving the ducks, ever)?

TJ: I have a friend who grew up a Duck fan, went to OSU and nearly went to UW for graduate school. He was a little confused on how rivalries work apparently. It’s ok though he is a full on Beav now.

LC: While this may not involve another school, but when you said “egregious” this immediately came to mind. I saw a beautiful brand new red GMC Canyon pickup in the parking of my work. Upon closer inspection of this truck, it had an “O” decal with the silly angel wings that took up the ENTIRE hood! Talk about an abomination! Really?? A red truck with an ugly green/yellow/grey/whateverflavoroftheweekcolor sticker on the hood!! I considered waiting for this person to walk out of the building so they could watch me barf on the atrocity.