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Gamethread: OSU vs Utah Game 2

Beavs go for 22 straight

Saturday April 8th - 1:35 PM PT

Following yesterday’s walk off winner, the Beavs and Utes will do battle again at Goss Stadium.

How To Watch:

No TV for this one, but the Pac-12 will have a live broadcast which you can find here.

How To Listen:

The game will be broadcast on the Beaver Sports Network and Beaver Nation Online.

Find the radio station carrying the game in your area here.

Pitching Matchup

RHP Riley Otteson (4-1, 3.15 ERA) vs Bryce Fehmel (3-1, 3.32 ERA)



  1. DaShawn Kiersey Jr.- CF
  2. Oliver Dunn- 2B
  3. Dallas Carrol-3B
  4. Hunter Simmons- 1B
  5. Wade Gulden- DH
  6. Zack Moeller- C
  7. Josh Rose- RF
  8. Dominic Foscalina- LF
  9. Ellis Kelly- SS


  1. Nick Madrigal-SS
  2. Christian Donahue-LF
  3. KJ Harrison-1B
  4. Trevor Larnach-RF
  5. Michael Gretler-C
  6. Tyler Malone- DH
  7. Cadyn Grenier-2B
  8. Elliot Cary- CF
  9. Andy Atwood- 3B