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Oregon State Football: ESPN’s FPI says the Beavers finish 5-7 in 2017

Do you believe ESPN’s Football Power Index?

NCAA Football: Arizona at Oregon State Cole Elsasser-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week ESPN released their Football Power Index (FPI) and Oregon State clocked in as the 53rd team in ESPN’s FPI. According to the projections they see the Beavers winning an average of 4.8 games and losing 7.2 games in 2017. I rounded Oregon State’s record up to 5-7 (instead of 4.8-7.2) for convenience, but interestingly enough the Beavers are favored in just four games.

Let’s take a look at each of Oregon State’s games with their win percentage:

Sat, Aug 26 @ Colorado State 46.1% - ESPN thinks the Beavers will be road underdogs to start the season. This game is close to a coin-flip though and could go a long way in deciding whether or not the Beavers will be go bowling at the end of the season.

Sat, Sep 2 vs. Portland State 97.5% - The easiest game on Oregon State’s schedule gets a very high percentage. Let’s hope the Beavers have no problem putting away PSU.

Sat, Sep 9 vs. Minnesota 61.4% - The Gophers visit Corvallis this year and ESPN gives the Beavers a solid chance of winning. I have a feeling P.J. Fleck and company won’t make this game a walk in the park for the Beavers though.

Sat, Sep 16 @ Washington State 18% - A surprisingly low percentage here, but a road-game against the 25th-ranked team (FPI-wise) won’t be easy.

Sat, Sep 30 vs. Washington 17.5% - Washington is very very good.

Sat, Oct 7 @ USC 10.4% - The FPI marks this road game as the toughest game of the season for the Beavs.

Sat, Oct 14 vs. Colorado 51.7% - The Beavers are surprisingly favored against a Colorado team that won 10 games last season.

Thur, Oct 26 vs. Stanford 19.4% - A Thursday night showdown against Stanford could be interesting, but Stanford is the heavy favorite early.

Sat, Nov 4 @ Cal 50.4% - The only road game the Beavers are favored in, is against a Cal team in transition. According to the FPI, Cal has the toughest schedule in the nation next season.

Sat, Nov 11 @ Arizona 40.4% - Oregon State is ranked a tad higher than Arizona, 53rd compared to 56th, in the FPI, but Arizona is given the edge thanks to the home field advantage.

Sat, Nov 18 vs. Arizona State 49.6% - Another toss-up game, but I’d take the Beavers at home despite them being slight underdogs early.

Sat, Nov 25 @ Oregon 17.4% - Oregon is ranked 21st in ESPN’s FPI... You read that right, a team that won four games and fired their coach is expected to perform like a top-25 team. I’m skeptical to say the least.