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Former UCLA commit Jeffrey Manning Jr. signs with Oregon State

Jeffrey Manning Jr. joins Cathedral High teammate Arex Flemings in Corvallis next year.


Jeffrey Manning Jr is a 6-foot-1, 190-pound defensive back from California. The talented three-star recruit chooses Oregon State over offers from UCLA, Utah, Washington State, BYU and many others.

Manning Jr. had previously de-committed from UCLA back at the end of July and reopened his recruitment. Since that time he and Oregon State linebacker coach Chad Kauha'aha'a have chatted frequently and developed a bond.

With his commitment Jeffrey Manning Jr. marks the second Cathedral High player (Arex Flemings) to commit to Oregon State. Another teammate, Jamire Calvin, very briefly committed to Oregon State before flipping to Nebraska. Landing all three would be have been a HUGE recruiting win for Oregon State, but the trifecta will be missing Jamire next year. However, of not, Jeffrey Manning Jr. has been incredibly active recruiting other players to come to Oregon State on Twitter. For that, we thank you, Jeff.

Jeffrey Manning Jr. fits Oregon State’s ideal secondary player, because of his height and playmaking abilities. The Beavers are quickly filling up their 2017 recruiting class as Manning Jr. marks the 18th commit, but keep an eye on Jamire Calvin. If he decides to join his teammates in Corvallis he could become the top recruit in Oregon State’s 2017 recruiting class.