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Quick Links: Football staff is getting bigger, Purdue home-and-home series announced

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More coaches are likely to be added, while the Beavs will face another Big Ten opponent in the future.

California v Oregon State Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

On Tuesday morning, we got a flurry of news related to the Oregon State football program.

For starters, the offensive staff is starting to take shape with Brian Lindgren, Colorado’s co-offensive coordinator, and Jim Michalczik, Arizona’s offensive line coach, reportedly set to come aboard.

Meanwhile, on the defensive side of the ball, it appears that former Nebraska linebackers coach Trent Bray will return to Corvallis as well.

Fans will remember that Bray played linebacker at OSU from 2002 to 2005. He was also the linebackers coach at Oregon State from 2012 to 2014 before he followed Mike Riley to Nebraska. When Riley was fired earlier this year, Bray became the Huskers’ interim head coach. For more on Bray’s background, check out his Nebraska bio.

In other news, Oregon State announced today that the football program will play a home-and-home series with the Purdue Boilermakers. OSU will travel to West Lafayette Sept. 4, 2021 to open the season with Purdue returning to Reser Stadium Sept. 21, 2024.

The two teams have not played each other since 1967 when Oregon State defeated the #2 Boilermakers. You can watch highlights of that game here.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Illinois
Those eyes are just terrifying for some reason.
Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

Finally, the Pac-12 announced the 2017 All-Conference Team on Tuesday. While no Beavers made the cut, Manase Hungalu and David Morris were selected as honorable mentions.

And there’s your Beaver football news dump for today, kids.