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Numbers to Know: Oregon State (4-3) vs. Loyola Marymount (4-3)

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Drew Eubanks and Tres Tinkle lead Beavers to victory over Lions.

NCAA Basketball Tournament - First Round - VCU  v Oregon State Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Just one day after news broke that point guard Jaquori McLaughlin was granted an immediate release from the Beaver basketball team, Oregon State kicked off a five game home stand with a 78-74 victory over Loyola Marymount.

These are the numbers you should know:

13 - Total number of games that it took Oregon State to reach four wins last year. The Beavers were just 4-9 in non-conference play last season, and that fourth victory came in their final non-conference game. With this win over Loyola Marymount, Oregon State is now 4-3 overall with five more non-conference games left to play.

10/10 - Field goals made and attempted by Drew Eubanks, who led all scorers with 22 points. His perfect shooting effort, aided by the fact that six of his shots were dunks, marks only the sixth time in Oregon State history that a Beaver shot perfect from the field (minimum 10 shot attempts). The most recent effort before today was when Charlie Sitton went 10-10 from the field—in 1984.

14-0 - The scoring run that the Beavers went on with 9:44 to play in the first half and the game tied 16-16. By the end of the run, more than six game minutes had elapsed without the Lions scoring a point and the Beavers were winning 30-16. In a game that was decided by just four points, that six minute stretch proved to be a major factor in the victory.

30 - Total points scored by Loyola Marymount's three highest per-game scorers. The trio of James Batemon, Eli Scott, and Steven Haney came into the game averaging a collective 41.3 points per game but were unable to overcome the stout interior defense of Oregon State in this game.

18/7/7/3/2 - The stat line for Tres Tinkle in the game—18 points, seven rebounds, seven assists, three blocks, two steals. And we thought Gary Payton II was gone. Tinkle's do-everything game was reminiscent of the way that Payton played while leading the Beavers back to the NCAA Tournament for the first time in 26 years.

0:00 - Total time (in minutes and seconds) that Oregon State trailed in this game, the second consecutive contest in which the Beavers never once played from behind. Since losing to Long Beach State in the Advocare Invitational, Oregon State hasn't trailed for even a second in their last 80 minutes of gameplay.

Oregon State (4-3) next hosts Eastern Kentucky (3-4) on December 5th.