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Cal tops Oregon State, 37-23

Oregon State v California Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Beavs started off hot with a methodical drive that ended with another trick play as a double pass saw Tuli Wily-Matagi throw a TD pass to Ryan Nall.

It would have been great if the game could have just ended there, but according to the rules of football that is not allowed. Cal responded quickly tying the game up on a Patrick Laird touchdown. During that drive Oregon State’s thin secondary took another hit when Kyle White was ejected for a suspect targeting call. Following a 3 and out from the Beavs and a sub-par punt from Nick Porebski, Cal tacked on another 7 with a TD pass to Vic Wharton. Cal would go on to take a 17-7 lead after a Matt Anderson field goal, before Jordan Choukair would answer back with a pair of 49 yarders to give the Beavs some hope with a 17-13 deficit with 41 seconds left in the half. The ensuing kickoff looked to set up perfectly for the Beavs as kick returner Ashtyn Davis struggled to gain control before eventually being tackled at the 15 by Choukair. Unfortunately for the Beavs, Beau Baldwin drew up a heck of a series to give the Bears a chance at a last second field goal which Matt Anderson converted to give Cal a 20-13 lead at the break.

The second half started with another long drive from the Bears. A drive that saw another Beav get ejected for a suspect targeting call, this time it was linebacker Bright Ugwoegbu who had been having a solid day for the Beavs. Cal’s drive ended with a red zone fumble recovered by the Beavs. The offense was unable to convert the opportunity, going 3 and out before another poor punt from Porebski set the Bears up in OSU territory. Another field goal from Anderson gave the Bears a 23-13 lead.

OSU responded with a 9 play 75 yard drive that ended with a fly sweep TD from Thomas Tyner and gave OSU hope closing the deficit to 3. That hope was quickly dashed by a 5 play 75 yard drive from the Bears that was capped with a 25 yard TD pass. Following another OSU 3 and out drive that saw backup punter Alex Bland get some action with a 40 yard punt, the Bears were able to effectively put the game away with another TD and a 37-20 lead.

OSU would add another field goal, which seems to be a theme as of late, to bring the score to its final resting place at 37-23. Of note this was Cal’s first game without a punt since 2004. Hey Beau Baldwin... How you doin??

OSU will head to Tucson next weekend for some Pac-12 after dark action against the Wildcats and some kid named Khalil Tate.

Go Beavs