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Oregon State Opens Week As 7-Point Underdogs To Arizona State

The lines are gradually slimming down for the Beavers.

NCAA Football: Arizona State at UCLA Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

So you’re saying there’s a chance?

It hasn’t been too fun of a 2017 football season for Oregon State.

Sitting at 1-9 on the year now, with their only victory coming by a narrow margin over a still win-less Portland State squad, the Beavers are running out of time to snag a second win this season. And yet somehow, it feels like more of the same for a program whose lost 33 of their last 41 games overall and hasn’t picked up a Pac-12 win this year.

I’ll say it again, it hasn’t been too fun of a 2017 football season for Oregon State.

Heading into this week though, there seems to be some cautious optimism in the Beavers camp, which may closer associate with last year’s end-of-season breakthrough two-game win streak than anything that the team has proven this time around. So maybe, it should come as no surprise that Oregon State sits as only seven-point underdogs to Arizona State to start the week, according to the most recent odds from the Bovada-Las Vegas.

However, if the good vibes are coming from the team’s recent somewhat improving offensive performance, as Darell Garretson did throws for 209 yards and 4 touchdowns, it makes sense that the stars may finally be aligning for the Beavers for one signature victory. It should also help that it projects to be a damp and rainy afternoon in Corvallis on Saturday, which can only help a Beavers group that has a multitude of backfield options.

As for Arizona State, the Sun Devils will head into Corvallis on Saturday night sitting at 5-5 overall and coming off a hard-fought 44-37 defeat on the road at UCLA.

The projected kick-off time for Saturday’s (November 18th) contest is 12:00 PM PT.