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USC Dominates OSU 38-10

OSU covers the spread for the first time this season

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Southern California Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

What a weird game. What a frustrating game. What a frustrating team this is.

A game that would have been a lot closer if the Beavs could have capitalized on the countless Trojan mistakes, and avoided shooting themselves in the foot with some really stupid penalties... Like taunting after scoring a TD while down a bunch, but actually not scoring the TD so getting a taunting penalty for catching a pass at the one which made it a first and 10 at the 15 12 but I digress.

Oregon State had a bunch of chances in the first half, missing two field goals (one was blocked), throwing an interception and turning the ball over on downs. OSU’s sole points of the first half came on a field goal that was set up by a great catch from Isaiah Hodgins, who did get to play today, that got OSU to the Trojan 7 yard line before the Beaver offense stumbled and failed to find the end zone. When the final whistle blew for the first half, the Trojans had a 21-3 lead in a game that felt like it could have been so much closer had the Beavs taken advantage of the gifts that the Trojans tried to bestow upon them.

Note: I wanted to make a reference to Trojan Horse’s, but upon further review I need to buff up on my greek mythology since it was the Trojans who got the short end of that stick... A fact that none of our twitter followers pointed out so I could continue to look dumb.

Anyway, the second half was much like the first... too many dumb mistakes and costly errors for the Beavs to give themselves a chance. Oregon State did find paydirt in the second half when Art Pierce scored his first TD. A chance that was set up by the previously mentioned TD catch that wasn’t a TD catch followed by a taunting penalty that was a taunting penalty.

There was a cool moment in the second half when USC scored a long TD run from the backup QB to set up and extra point attempt that saw Jake Olson, who is blind, snap the ball for the Trojans. The Beavs, in a classy move, did not rush or attempt to block said attempt. The ensuing kickoff saw a decent return from Tino Allen, before he fumbled and USC recovered cause that’s just how things go for the Beavs.

In an attempt to polish another turd of a game, I will say the defense looked improved (yes they gave up 38) forcing 3 USC turnovers. The Beaver passing game was substantially better than last week as Darell Garretson went 16/29 for 197 yards. Those numbers aren’t great but hey its better than last week. Seth Collins had a big day with 5 catches for 91 yards including a beauty of a one handed catch.

Well that’s all I got, see ya next week when the Beavs host the Colorado Buffaloes and our dear friends @ralphiereport.