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Record Watch: Taking On the Trojans

Can Oregon State hang for more than one half?

NCAA Football: Washington at Oregon State Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Coming into this week's game against #14 USC, one could be forgiven for thinking the Beavers don't stand much of a chance. There's the fact that Oregon State has been effectively blown out in all four of their losses this season. There's the fact that USC is coming off their first loss of the year and will likely be fired up to show the nation that they are still a contender in the PAC-12. There's the fact that the game is taking place at the Coliseum and the Beavers are 0-13 on the road since 2015.

You read that correctly: Oregon State has yet to win a road game under Gary Andersen.

I'll be honest, I don't expect a win today. I'm looking for a moral victory—in the form of a first half win. The Beavers have lost four games this season by a combined 129 points, but the scores have been run up in the second halves as Oregon State begins to show fatigue and a lack of depth. The combined first half score of those four games is a respectable 79-43, while the combined second half score is a depressing 121-28.

The Beavers have been outscored by 9 points per game in the first halves of their four losses, and outscored by more than 23 points per game in the second halves of those same four losses.

Just as the Beavers have been unable to gain consistency from one half to the next, our record chasers are having the same struggles. Against Washington State, Ryan Nall and Jordan Villamin were both able to put up some decent statistics. Last week, against Washington, the two were virtually nonexistent in the box score. To be fair, Nall appears to have an injury that may keep him out of the USC game entirely, but if the Beavers are to compete against the talent of the PAC-12, they need Nall and Villamin to deliver consistently on the field.

Against #6 Washington last week:

Ryan Nall, RB - Nine carries, 18 yards, no touchdowns.

Jordan Villamin, WR - One reception, 5 yards, no touchdowns.

2017 Record Tracker (career totals) - 5 games played, 7 to go

  • Ryan Nall - 1,747 rushing yards (#10 Sam Baker - 1,947 rushing yards)
  • Ryan Nall - 20 rushing touchdowns - tied at #9 with Dick Twenge & Dave Schilling (#8 Terron Ward - 22 rushing touchdowns)
  • Jordan Villamin - 116 receptions (#10 Reggie Bynum - 149 receptions)
  • Jordan Villamin - 1,683 receiving yards (#10 Roddy Tompkins - 1,845 receiving yards)
  • Jordan Villamin - 13 receiving touchdowns (#10 Sammy Stroughter - 14 receiving touchdowns)

Author's Note: Each week in 2017, I'm going to look at the players that are within reach of the all-time ranks in Beaver history, as well as any surprise efforts that might land among the single-game or single-season records. Stay tuned as 2017 progresses, and we'll track where Nall and Villamin—as well as any other Beaver athletes that emerge as record-setters—end up by season's end.