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Matt Moore Is Made Of Titanium

The former Beaver came back into the game after being on the receiving end of one of the most violent plays of the year.

NFL: AFC Wild Card-Miami Dolphins at Pittsburgh Steelers Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Moore only sat out one play after that. He might just be the toughest man alive. Twitter reacted accordingly in what may be the most that Twitter has ever talked about a former Oregon State QB:

And my personal favorite came from former Beav and current best punter in the NFL, Johnny Hekker, who gave us a reason to use the hashtag #BeaverTough, which I will be getting tattooed on the back of my neck like how Vin Diesel did in XXX:

The play sparked controversy and yet another “what is targeting why does targeting exist this is the worst rule ever” debate. Bud Dupree, the man responsible for making Matt Moore forget everything that happened in his life between January of 2007 to present day, didn’t get ejected for what looked like an illegal hit, sounded like an illegal hit, felt like an illegal hit, probably was an illegal hit, and didn’t get called as an illegal hit.

Also among the controversy was how quickly Matt Moore was sent back into the game, as the NFL’s concussion policy remains the center of debate among advocates of player safety. I’m no doctor or concussion scientist, but if I had to guess... Matt Moore probably couldn’t tell you what city he’s in right now.

If somehow, someway, Moore is able to lead the Dolphins back to a victory in this game, it would be the greatest moment in history for a former Oregon State QB that went onto become a career backup in the NFL, aka Backup U. In fact, Matt Moore would officially become the Dean of Admissions for Backup U.

What do you guys think? Was that an illegal hit? Let us know in the comments.