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Keys To The Game: Oregon State vs. Boise State

Defense is a major key to this game

Oregon State v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

Oregon State has a tough task ahead of them and will need a lot to get past Boise State. Here are the keys for the Beavers to pull off this win.

Stop Boise’s passing game

Boise State has done a phenomenal job throwing the ball this season, throwing for 362 yards per game. Yes it is a small sample size, and it is not against the greatest teams, but they outscored the air raid offense of Washington State two weeks ago. The Beavers need to keep this game low-scoring to stay with the Broncos. Slowing down the passing game of this offense is the biggest key in this game.

Establish a run game

This is the chance for Oregon State to show the world what they are made of on the ground. We know that Darell Garretson is capable of throwing the ball and moving outside the pocket, (at least that’s what he has shown in these first two games), but we have yet to see a consistent effort on the ground from anybody. Against Idaho State there were solid numbers but that is expected against lesser talent. The run game has been a weakness for this Beaver offense, and it isn’t going to be any easier against the defense of Boise State that only gives up 60 yards rushing so far this year. If Ryan Nall, Victor Bolden and Seth Collins can get the run game going, it will open up the passing game even more. This will be a key to the offense because the Broncos have such a stingy defense.

Force Bronco turnovers and limit Beaver turnovers

Oregon State has to win the turnover battle to win this game, plain and simple. This Boise State team does not make a lot of mistakes, which is why the Beavers need to force mistakes. Interceptions may be hard to come by against this team because of the execution of the Broncos, but the Beavers need to hop on any chance they get. This is going to be huge in determining the outcome of this game.

Play angry

The Beavers are 13 point underdogs in this game and that hasn’t sat well with a lot of the fans. It shouldn’t sit well with the Beavers either, and I’m sure it doesn’t. For a team that is looking to make big strides this season they should feel underrated and disrespected. Thus, they should play like that on the field this week. Take that frustration out on Boise State and cause some miscues on their part.

As mentioned at the beginning it is going to be a very tough game for the Beavers, one they may not look ready for. However, you can’t count them out if they execute the keys above. Look for an intense matchup in Corvallis today.