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Game 1: Oregon State vs. Minnesota Post-Game Highlights

Minnesota found it’s way past Oregon State, 30-23, in the season debut of the Beavers.

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Minnesota Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

As we continue our coverage and reaction to last night’s 30-23 loss at the hands of Minnesota (which you can read in an amazing game recap here), we now bring highlights from last night’s showdown straight to you, with all the highs, low, ebbs and flows of the season debut.

The Big Ten Network did a great job producing this clip, which gets you a pretty strong overview of all the big plays of the night.

As for some coverage more slanted the Beavers way, Oregon State athletic department produced this gem, with some unique warm-up shots and different angles mixed in.

One of the big stories throughout the game quickly became Minnesota’s penalties, as the Golden Gophers racked up three targeting calls on the night, which gave the Pac-12/Big Ten meeting a somewhat strange, almost rivalry-type feel. All three Golden Gophers were ejected from the game, by rule, and were subjected to an official review.

The first targeting penalty in the first quarter, when Minnesota linebacker Cody Poock took an ill-advised, after the whistle shot at Oregon State wide receiver Jordan Villamin after an incomplete pass.

Another Minnesota linebacker, Jonathan Celestin, also drew himself a targeting penalty when he made helmet-to-helmet contact with Beavers’ quarterback Darell Garretson in the third quarter.

The third targeting call of the game went to one of the stars of the Golden Gophers defense on the day, when defensive lineman Tai’yon Devers made contact with Garretson after he released a pass.

Big Ten Network rules expert Dick Honig saw more action on the day than he probably expected, doing a solid job of breaking down and explaining each of the Gophers’ mental mistakes.

There’s over two weeks until the Beavers return to the field against Idaho State in their season home opener so we’ll be breaking down this tough loss at Minnesota for a long time to come.

Next Game:

When: Saturday, September 17 (5:00 PM ET)

Opponent: Idaho State

Coverage: Pac-12 Network