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Watch Victor Bolden’s 92-yard Touchdown Run off the Fly-Sweep

Oregon State answered Idaho State’s big play in a HUGE way!

Oregon State v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

Oregon State took a 23-0 lead into halftime and had to be feeling confident. Perhaps they were feeing too confident because they gave up a 75 yard touchdown to Idaho State on the first play of the second half. But, Victor Bolden Jr. answered with a huge play of his own. A 92 yard touchdown run off of a fly-sweep. Jordan Villamin did a nice job of blocking that allowed Victor Bolden to get the edge and Bolden showed off his speed after that. It was the longest run in 20 years for the Oregon State Beavers. Check it out!

Victor Bolden’s run gave Oregon State a 30-7 lead and the Beavers have since added to their lead thanks to Treston Decoud’s second interception of the day that he returned 75 yards for a touchdown. Oregon State hasn’t exactly dominated the game against Idaho State, but they certainly have had their fair share of big plays.