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Fall Camp Countdown: Most Valuable Players For 2016 - #18 Phillip Napoleon

The #18 spot on our "Fall Camp Countdown" goes to #90, the talented junior college transfer, Phillip Napoleon.

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

With only 18 days left until Oregon State starts fall camp, we continue our countdown of the 25 most valuable football players that will help lead the Beavers to a successful 2016 season. To follow-up from yesterday's selection of Seth Collins, today's pick goes to talented junior college transfer, Phillip Napoleon.

#18: Phillip Napoleon - Defensive End

Phillip Napoleon is a 6-foot-4, 285-pound defensive lineman who transferred to Oregon State from Mount San Jacinto College in California. Napoleon was a standout defensive lineman in the junior college ranks and will fortify an Oregon State defensive line that is featuring many young, inexperienced players.

The three-star recruit chose Oregon State over offers from Texas Tech, Purdue, Washington State, Colorado State, Hawaii and many others. Napoleon also filed his letter of intent back in December on the earliest possible day that he could make his commitment official. Clearly excited to begin his career in Corvallis, Napoleon has been studying hard learning the Beavers defense and also learning to switch from a 4-3 defensive set to a 3-4 defensive scheme.

Phillip Napoleon has all of the physical tools needed to be a defensive force that can pressure the quarterback while also stuffing the run. Although, Oregon State mostly used defensive sets with three defensive lineman and four linebackers last year; they still had numerous plays where four defensive lineman were on the field.

Napoleon is currently locked into a battle with Baker Pritchard for the starting defensive end job, according to Oregon State's most recent depth chart. Even if Phillip Napoleon doesn't win the starting job he will rotate in on the defensive line often and will have plenty of opportunities to make an impact for the Beavers.

Check out some of Napoleon's highlights from his junior college:

Our "Fall Camp Countdown" continues tomorrow with the #17 Most Valuable Player for the Beavers in 2016.

The List So Far:

#18: Phillip Napoleon (DE)

#19: Seth Collins (WR)

#20: Dwayne Williams (CB)

#21: Yanni Demogerontas (C)

#22: Tuli Wily-Matagi (TE)

#23: Manase Hungalu (LB)

#24: Elu Aydon (DT)

#25: Nick Porebski (P) / Garrett Owens (K)