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Fall Camp Countdown: Most Valuable Players For 2016 - #19 Seth Collins

The #19 spot on our "Fall Camp Countdown" list goes to #22 in the Beavers' game-day program, sophomore wide receiver Seth Collins.

Steve Dykes/Getty Images

With only 19 days left until Oregon State starts fall camp, we are counting down by previewing the 25 most valuable football players that will help lead the Beavers to a successful 2016 season. We'll count-down by highlighting a new player each day until fall camp starts. To follow-up from yesterday's selection of cornerback Dwayne Williams, today's pick goes to quarterback-turned-wide receiver, Seth Collins.

#19 Seth Collins - Wide Receiver

It's not often that a true freshman starting quarterback finds himself at another position on the field for his sophomore campaign but in the case of Seth Collins, it's a surprise all together to even see the quarterback-turned-wide receiver still in the black and orange. After starting seven games for the Beavers last season, Collins announced that he was transferring to Northern Illinois this off-season before doing a "180" on that decision sometime in the spring and returning to Corvallis. Collins was fortunately welcomed with open arms by head coach Gary Andersen and the program, who only asked one thing of the rising sophomore in his return. Collins was going to have to change positions.

An explosive and natural athlete, the transition for Collins to wide receiver is expected to be fairly seamless as Collins spent a large part of last season on the move and in space anyway in an open-ended playbook. Collins will enter Fall Camp in a tight competition with junior Hunter Jarmon for the wide receiver (Z) position, while also being listed as the third option on kick return, at R-Back and at the wide receiver (X) positions as well. Simply put, Collins will find his way onto the field somehow but just at what position is still unknown. It's also been rumored that the Beavers are keeping open the idea of a "Wild Beaver" package where the sophomore may find himself lined up a few yards behind center, once again.

At the end of the season, Collins could turn out being one of the most valuable players on the whole Oregon State roster with his versatile skill-set but how Andersen will use the blossoming talent is still a relative unknown at this point. Until then, Collins remains an excitable enigma on a Beavers roster that is hopeful to pull itself out of the Pac-12 basement.

Our "Fall Camp Countdown" continues tomorrow with the #18 Most Valuable Player for the Beavers in 2016.

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#19: Seth Collins (WR)

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#22: Tuli Wily-Matagi (TE)

#23: Manase Hungalu (LB)

#24: Elu Aydon (DT)

#25: Nick Porebski (P) / Garrett Owens (K)