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Highlights From Pac-12 Media Days

The biggest news and highlights from Pac-12 Media Days in Hollywood, California.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Pac-12 has unofficially started their coverage of the 2016 college football season by holding Media Days yesterday and today (July 14th/15th). The Media Days are being held in Hollywood, California.

The biggest Pac-12 related news was that the Pac-12 has partnered with Twitter to stream live games over social media. They are calling it Pac-12 Plus and will broadcast at least 150 live sporting events over the 2016-2017 academic year.

Check out the Pac-12 Networks press release on Pac-12 Plus. This is an interesting idea and although no football or basketball games will be streamed live on twitter, it'll be interesting to see if 'Pac-12 Plus' gains popularity among fans.

In other Pac-12 news there is a slight rule change involving QB's. A sliding QB is now considered a defenseless player as soon as he starts sliding, instead of when he gets to the ground. This should make for some tough calls for the officials and not to mention some angry defensive players.

Speaking of Pac-12 Officials, the Pac-12 has made it mandatory that all jersey's be tucked in during games, which means no more crop-top jersey's (a la Ezekiel Elliott). The Officials have announced that they are making uniform violations a point of emphasis. Which was met with laughter and sarcasm on Twitter.

The Pac-12 has also decided to not institute a Pac-12 replay center like the SEC or ACC. Officials must get the calls right from the venue of the game and will not collaborate with Pac-12 Headquarters or a command center.

Oregon State coach Gary Andersen and players Victor Bolden Jr and Nick Porebski, also joined in on the fun at Pac-12 Media Days. We will recap what they had to say later today.