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Isaiah Hodgins, Beaver’s Top 2017 Commit, on Being Recruited, Choosing OSU, and J. Cole

The 4-star prospect gives J. Cole 5 stars, as he should.

Photo courtesy of Isaiah Hodgins, 2017 Commit and Photogenic Person

Isaiah Hodgins is good at football. Like really, really good.

After de-committing from Wazzu in August, the 4-star WR took some time to carefully weigh his options and take some official visits. He held offers from a long list of schools, including Nebraska, Michigan, Oregon, Colorado, and Wisconsin. But in November, Hodgins made the decision to don the orange and black of Oregon State and take his talents to Corvallis.

Oregon State was one of the first to offer Isaiah, and his dad played for current offensive coordinator, Dave Baldwin. Both of these factors, coupled with excitement around the momentum that Oregon State is carrying into the 2017 season, helped the Beavers secure one of the biggest commitments in recent recruiting classes. Hodgins will join one of the highest rated recruiting classes that Oregon State has had in the last decade.

Isaiah graciously agreed to answer some of our questions, presented below. Thanks for taking the time!

So how does getting recruited by Oregon State work? Do you just be really good at football and then one day Gary Andersen calls you? Take us through the process.

“The process started sophomore year going into junior year, Coach Baldwin was the first OSU coach to contact me and see me at school. After I went to their Bay Area camp with Brennan and Baldwin, they offered me. Ever since then they’ve just been recruiting me. So I guess you can say it started with Baldwin seeing my film and then live action at camp.”

Your official visit was back in September, right? What’d you think of the game-day atmosphere? Most importantly... What’d you eat while you were in Corvallis? Please say you went to Local Boyz.

“My official visit was when they played Cal at home. I thought the game day atmosphere was crazy. Seeing all the fans and the stadium and everyone rally for the game was awesome. And we ate at Flat Tail and 1847.”

It’s no secret you had a bunch of offers and could’ve gone other places. Why choose Oregon State?

“I chose Oregon State because of the family atmosphere and the comfort level I had there. I loved it on my visits and get along great with all the coaches and players and felt like I could help change their program.”

Okay now the important stuff. J. Cole dropped 4 Your Eyez Only last night. Gimme your review? Best track?

“I like it. I think it was more of a personal and friend album about his life and other things but of course J. Cole went crazy as usual. My top three tracks I would say Immortal, Deja Vu, and Change.”

What show are you binge watching right now?

“None really, but my favorite that I was watching last was Last Chance U*”

*Of note: I clarified that he saw Ronald Ollie’s scoop and score touchdown this year at Nichol’s State (nominated for a Piesman Trophy) and yes, he thought it was as funny and perfect as I did.

Finally, you gotta pick one thing to eat every day for the rest of your life... What are you going with?

“I would eat Chinese or Japanese food because there’s so much different food like sushi and different types of rice and chow mein and all that.”

We gotta get this man to Local Boyz ASAP. Welcome to Beaver Nation, Isaiah. See you in the Fall.