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Pac-12 Football Picks: Week Thirteen (Part II)

Hold on for dear life people, it’s Rivalry Week in the Pac-12.

NCAA Football: Oregon at Oregon State Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

“The Battle For The Jeweled Shillelagh”

#12 USC [8-3] v. Notre Dame [4-7]

Sat., November 26th - 3:30 PM ET, ABC | All-Time Series: Notre Dame (46–36–5)

Robert Ingle: USC (61%)
Marcus Russell: USC
Brian J. Moore: USC
The_Coach: USC
DavidMays: USC
Donald B. Jordan: USC

“The Civil War”

Oregon State [3-8] v. Oregon [4-7]

Sat., November 26th - 4:00 PM ET, PAC-12 | All-Time Series: Oregon (63–46–10)

Robert Ingle: Oregon (54%)
Marcus Russell: Oregon State
Brian J. Moore: Oregon State
The_Coach: Oregon State
DavidMays: Oregon State
Donald B. Jordan: Oregon State

“Cal Week”

California [4-7] v. UCLA [4-7]

Sat., November 26th - 7:00 PM ET, ESPN2 | All-Time Series: UCLA (53–32–1)

Robert Ingle: UCLA (53%)
Marcus Russell: UCLA
Brian J. Moore: UCLA
The_Coach: California
DavidMays: UCLA
Donald B. Jordan: UCLA

“The Rumble In The Rockies”

#9 Colorado [9-2] v. #22 Utah [8-3]

Sat., November 26th - 7:30PM ET, FOX | All-Time Series: Colorado (31-28-3)

Robert Ingle: Colorado (56%)
Marcus Russell: Colorado
Brian J. Moore: Colorado
The_Coach: Colorado
DavidMays: Utah
Donald B. Jordan: Colorado

“The Battle Of The Bands”

#24 Stanford [8-3] v. Rice [3-8]

Sat., November 26th - 8:00 PM ET, PAC-12 | All-Time Series: Rice (3-1)

Robert Ingle: Stanford (66%)
Marcus Russell: Stanford
Brian J. Moore: Stanford
The_Coach: Stanford
DavidMays: Stanford
Donald B. Jordan: Stanford