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Civil War Week: Treston Decoud Really Really Hates the Ducks

Decoud Island bans all air travel from the Eugene Airport.

Oregon State v Minnesota Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

Treston Decoud hates the Ducks. Like a lot. Per his Twitter account, almost two years ago, he received this email:

I’d like to think that Treston has a crumpled-up paper version of this that he printed out and keeps in his locker to read before every game. I love that he's still mad about this. I hope he's mad about it forever. I hope that one day he sends out wedding invitations and it has this email printed on the back of them. I hope he gets a teardrop tattoo with “RIP Zac Clark” written underneath it. I hope that he has 6 interceptions returned for TDs on Saturday and that we change the name of the stadium from Reser to Decoud. Man I love you for this Treston.

In a quick interview after practice with the Oregonian’s Danny Moran, he elaborated more about what he learned about Oregon after playing in his first Civil War:

Let me break this down for you: Treston got denied by Oregon, hated them a lot for not giving him a scholarship and never forgave them, went to Oregon State, played against Oregon, and then hated them EVEN MORE. There's so much hate in that sentence. This is the best rivalry ever.