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South Salem Guard Evina Westbrook announces her decision to attend the University of Tennessee.

The #1 guard in the Nation decided earlier today to leave the State of Oregon.

Statesmen Journal

Just before 5 pm today, Senior guard Evina Westbrook decided to take her talents to Knoxville, Tennessee. Evina is the #2 overall player in the Nation and the #1 overall guard.

I wrote a piece awhile back detailing who Evina Westbrook is here.

She is by far the most talented basketball player I can remember in this State and will certainly help Tennessee resurrect a once powerful program.

Here is her announcement: (Via Nick Krupke of KPTV.)

It’s a blow to Oregon State Athletics, who have made it an emphasis across the board to recruit the in-state talent. Evina is a once in a generation talent, that will be hooping it up in the WNBA before you know it.

Oregon State has still managed to recruit very well under Head Coach Rucek. With the addition of the talent coming in the next few seasons and on the roster now, OSU should have no problems continuing to challenge for the Pac-12 title though. Just check out their incoming freshman.