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Oregon State Game 5 vs Cal: What Needs Improvement?

Are the Beavers ready to bounce back and face Cal?

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

If the Beavers play like they did against Colorado, they are in for a disastrous season. Hopefully for the coaches and the players, they learned from the film on what they need to improve on. The Beavers are going to try and regroup this week as they get ready for a Cal Bears team whom rank second in the nation in passing yards per game. Are the Beavers ready to improve or, are the Beavers ready to lay another egg?

There is an enormous list of items that the Beavs need to work on. In fact, I could almost write a novel on that topic. All kidding aside, here are several keys for the Beavers to focus on as they prepare for Cal.

Forget What Has Happened In Previous Games

Oregon State needs to approach this game with the past in the rear view mirror. Forget the Colorado game ever happened. Forget the fact they are 3-13 under Coach Anderson. The Beavs need to approach the Cal game this Saturday like it is a fresh start to a brand new season. Right now, the Beavs need confidence, and the best way for that is to make plays. It is up to Darrell Garretson and the rest of the Beaver captains to help lead the Beavers out of the dark hole they have created for themselves. In addition, the Beavers need to forget about their 1-3 record. The past is past. Lets be real folks, the Beavers are going to make mistakes against Cal. The Beavs must be mentally strong and battle through their mistakes. If the Beavers play well, they might force Cal to make mistakes. Its time for them to rebuild their dam.

Bring The Pressure and the Kitchen Sink on Defense

Cal QB Davis Webb has been phenomenal in 2016. The Texas Tech transfer has been sensational in his first season as the Golden Bears starting QB. Webb’s numbers have been impressive so far this season. He has 160 completions on 257 attempts, and he has 2143 yards passing. His completion percentage is 62.3 percent. Webb has thrown for 22 touchdown passes with 6 interceptions. The positive for the Beavers is that Webb is not much of a threat running the ball as running QB’s have always been a bugaboo for the Beavs. The Beavs need to make Webb’s first trip to Reser Stadium a nightmare. The front seven need to be in Webb’s face all night long in order to get Webb off his game.

Cal has three solid Running Backs. Vic Enwere (58 car. 324 yds. 2tds.), Khalfani Muhammad (34 car. 212 yds. 1td.), and Tre Watson (35 car. 163 yds.) that provide a strong running game. Coach Anderson highly praised Cal’s Wide Receivers. Cal’s leading Receiver, Chad Hansen (55 receptions, 754 yards, 8 tds.) has caused opposing Defensive Coordinators extra work. The Beaver Secondary needs to bounce back this week after a disastrous week in Boulder. The Beavers will have to rely on the Secondary to slow down Cal’s talented receivers. If not, it will be the Colorado game all over again.

Do Something Positive on Offense

Despite giving up four sacks, one positive for the Beavs was that the pass blocking improved slightly against Colorado. It is essential for the Offensive Line to build upon the improvement. Should true freshman Artavis Pierce get more carries at Running Back? Pierce was impressive against Colorado. Seth Collins continues to develop into a play making receiver. Coach Andersen expressed his faith in Darrell Garretson as the starter this week. Garretson has struggled with the deep ball and rushing his throws. Co-Offensive Coordinator Kevin McGiven believes that the offense is really close to succeeding. McGiven also mentioned its almost like the Beavers are playing 10 on 11 because one guy on offense is making a mistake each play. Beaver Nation hopes that McGiven is correct because the Offense, which is currently ranked 125th in the nation in total offense, has looked like a train-wreck so far this season. Garretson needs to get the talented receivers involved in the offense, the running game needs to wear down the Cal Defense, and the Offensive Line needs to be able to pick up blitzes to protect the QB. If the Beavers Offense does not perform well against Cal, it is highly likely that Cal will blow the Beavers out just like in 2015. The Beaver Offense needs to sustain drives so they can keep the explosive Cal offense off the field if they want a shot to win this Saturday at Reser Stadium.