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2015 BTD Final Top 25

Alabama Celebrated Another National Championship
Alabama Celebrated Another National Championship
Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

It had been a long time since Alabama, or the SEC had won a National Championship; all of 3 seasons ago! The Crimson Tide put an end to that with their 45-40 win over Clemson Monday night in the National Championship, earning a unanimous vote in every poll, the BTD top 25 included.

It brought to end another wild college football season, and a less than satisfying bowl season, one that not only saw more relatively lopsided games than close ones, especially on New Year's eve and day, but also a fair number of losses to higher ranked teams in the bowl games, which scrambled the standings a bit.

Your BTD writers collectively scratched our heads, and a couple of us threw up their ballots, and moved on to basketball season! There were 4 ties, and we wound up with 22 teams in the top 20. RVM even engaged in vote splitting! Nevertheless, ...


Rank Team Points
1 Alabama (3) 75
2 Clemson 71
3 Stanford 68
4 Ohio State 67
5 Michigan State 60
6 Oklahoma 58
7 TCU 52
8-Tie Houston 50
8-Tie Mississippi 50
10 Iowa 48
11 Michigan 43
12 Baylor 42
13 North Carolina 40
14 Notre Dame 36
15 Navy 29
16 Utah 27
17-Tie Western Kentucky 23
17-Tie Wisconsin 23
19 LSU 19
20-Tie Oregon 16
20-Tie Tennessee 16
20-Tie Florida State 16
23-Tie Northwestern 11
23-Tie Mississippi State 11
25 Oklahoma State 9.5

Others: Toledo 6, Florida 4, Temple 2, Boise State 1,

Washington State .5

Individual Polls:

Andy Kurt Robert
1 Alabama Alabama Alabama
2 Stanford Clemson Clemson
3 Clemson Ohio State Ohio State
4 Michigan State Stanford Stanford
5 Ohio State Oklahoma Oklahoma
6 Houston Notre Dame Houston
7 Iowa Michigan State Michigan State
8 Mississippi TCU Iowa
9 TCU Baylor TCU
10 Oklahoma Mississippi Mississippi
11 Michigan North Carolina Michigan
12 North Carolina Oregon Navy
13 Western Kentucky Michigan Baylor
14 Baylor Iowa Notre Dame
15 Utah LSU North Carolina
16 Wisconsin Houston Western Kentucky
17 Navy Oklahoma State Utah
18 Mississippi State Florida State Wisconsin
19 Tennessee Utah Tennessee
20 Northwestern Navy Toledo
21 LSU Wisconsin Florida State
22 Notre Dame Florida Northwestern
23 Florida State Mississippi State LSU
24 Temple Tennessee Oregon
25 Boise State Northwestern Oklahoma State/Washington State

While there was a heated race for position behind 'Bama, there was also a pretty clear cutoff for the top 10. The B1G Ten did well, with 4 teams in the top 11, and 5 ranked, while the Pac-12, other than Stanford, fizzled in their attempts to finish, at least among their higher rated teams, and wound up with just 3 ranked teams, and only 4 getting any votes. This from a bunch of guys who saw more Pac-12 games than any other conference. Or maybe, its because we did see them all a lot.

The good news is coaching hires are already mostly in place, and soon it will be National Signing Day, and then time for spring ball. All this gives us new information to misinterpret in mis-predicting how next season will go!