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Oregon State To "White Out" San Jose State

Oregon State will wear their road whites at home against San Jose State.
Oregon State will wear their road whites at home against San Jose State.
OSU Athletics promo image.

It remains to be seen if Oregon State can wipe out San Jose State from the Mountain West Conference Saturday evening at Reser Stadium, but the 5 PM game will see the Beavers "white out" the Spartans.

The Oregon State athletic department announced today that the Beavers will again wear their white helmets, as they have in both prior games this season, and will for the second time, wear their road white jerseys a home. Unlike in last year's Civil War, the Beavers will go full away game in this one, also wearing their white pants, going for their "Star Wars Storm Trooper" all white look often used on the road.

It ties in with this week's marketing campaign, which encourages patrons to buy white Oregon State gear. Since there is very little white Oregon State gear in anyone's ensemble (bar far, most of it is orange, with most of the rest black, followed by gray), the move seems more of a t-shirt sales play than anything that's going to intimidate San Jose State.

It's also the first time since the adoption of the revised uniforms 2 years ago, and probably the first time in anything close to the modern era, that the Beavers have worn all white at home.

The move clears the way for the Spartans to wear their blue jerseys, which is their best look. Unless they decide to go for the gold.