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Three Lessons from Michigan

In a poor performance from the Beavers, there were lessons to glean though they were not the most enjoyable.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

1). The Beavers defensive and offensive lines still need to get stronger. Both lines were getting pushed around against the old men of Michigan. Even when the game was close the Beavs were losing at the point of attack and were living on hustle. There are some physical teams in the Pac-12 where this level of performance will not be acceptable. This is especially critical on offense where the offense is looking to focus on the run with a young qb. Seth Collins had a great first drive but after that he needed more support in the run game and needed some pass protection.

This is not something that will be fixed this season and unfortunately will require great execution and an incredible amount of heart to attempt to cover it up. This is not something that can be remedied by coaching, well not completely. They can scheme to try and press advantages with speed on the edge like they have been doing with Bolden on the fly sweep. Without the ability to open up the interior gaps it will be tough sledding, which will make it impossible for the defense to keep up the intensity. To help with that front Andersen did say that freshman Elu Aydon will be added to the mix to help add to the rotation. That will keep everyone more fresh and is a good move by Andersen and Co., but there will still be some rough games ahead.

2). Rommel Mageo has shown up. The Oregon State linebacker has already produced 19 tackles and caused two turnovers against Michigan. He has been flying around the field as well. The whole team has played with more intensity this year and Mageo is one of the best at that. His hustle has been the very definition of what the Beavers need on defense. He was one of the only highlights of the game and deserves recognition for it.

3). Here is a stat I pulled up after the game to commemorate a building moment for the young Beavers.

That game was an absolute beatdown. The Beavers held on, but even at the beginning of the game Michigan was overpowering. This is not a reason to give up on this team though. Andersen's track record has shown that he improves his teams. It's tough to see if the progress this season but make sure to enjoy it for the moments by Mageo and some of the highlights Collins and Villamin will produce. That's how I'll be keeping my sanity.