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OSU Summer Saturdays Open To Public

Oregon St. has announced "Family Fun Day" on Saturday, August 22.
Oregon St. has announced "Family Fun Day" on Saturday, August 22.
OSU Promotions

Oregon St. football practices since Gary Andersen arrived are generally closed, except for a few minutes at the end, usually only for a few select members of the media from selected outlets, but the Saturday sessions of Summer camp will be open to the public,

This Saturday, August 8th, the opening of summer camp, the session will begin at 9 AM.

Next Saturday, August 15, practice will be a scrimmage, beginning at 10:30 AM, which should be the most interesting of the series.

The final Saturday, August 22, will also be a scrimmage, beginning at 11:30 AM, but will be only a little over 1/2 hour long, the beginning of "Family Fun Day". At 1 PM, there will be an autograph session with the entire team and coaching staff (OSU will place a limit of two autographed items per person) on the field in Reser Stadium. There will be inflatable games on the Reser turf, the 2015 season poster will be available, Benny Beaver will appear, and ticket office personnel will be trying to sell tickets, but also be available for questions about game day.

This brief run-through will be the final scrimmage before the season opener on Friday night Sept. 4 against Weber St. at 5 PM, which seems a little odd 2 weeks in advance, but further signals the decreasing amount of total contact teams are subjecting their players too. Given Oregon St.'s lack of depth, that's probably a good thing at this stage of things.