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Oregon State Answers TE Question

John Bates has become a Beaver.
John Bates has become a Beaver.

Oregon State just this past weekend lost out on the top tight end prospect in the state when Jacob Kizer committed to Washington.

But one thing we have already seen from new Oregon State coach Gary Andersen is that he is nimble on the recruiting trail, and always has an under the radar option, and immediately locked up another TE offer.

The Beavers have added a TE for the 2016 class that is a local, from nearby Lebanon High School in John Bates.

Bates, is 6'5", but only 210 lbs., light for the position, though in the spread, the tight ends see more time split out than might be the historic case in Mike Riley's pro-style offense. Oregon St.'s staff projects Bates to be at or above 230 lbs. by the time he reports next summer.

He is a no-star, totally under the radar prospect, in part because of transferring a year ago from a small, 3A school in eastern Oregon, Nyssa.

That doesn't mean he's not athletic.

Followers of Pac-12 athletics are familiar with the University of Oregon's mixing track and football in the same athlete, and that's what Bates brings to the Beavers. He is the 5A state champion in both the 110 meter high hurdles and javelin, and also placed second in the triple jump, and fourth in the long jump. He led the Warriors to the 5A state team championship, and was named the "athlete of the meet."

Bates, a 3-sport athlete who also plays basketball, was "discovered" by the Beaver coaching staff at a camp Oregon St. hosted earlier this year, impressing the coaches on a staff that values athleticism highly. Boise St. and Wyoming were also interested, but had not made offers.

"They were really interested in me and offered in June, and as the month went on I kept my options open," Bates said.  "I had a great time on my official visit, and I've really been thinking hard about it the last month and made up my mind this week. I talked to Coach Andersen on the phone on Monday, and told him I wanted to commit."

As such, Bates fits into Andersen's philosophy of getting athletes who can do multiple things and putting them on the field, and letting them make plays.

Bates said he believes that he will only play football for the Beavers.