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Conforto Comes Up Big

Oregon State fans have seen this swing before.
Oregon State fans have seen this swing before.
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports vis SB Nation

BTD isn't turning into the New York Mets blog; we have Amazinavenue for that.

But after a not bad, but less than spectacular start to his MLB career, it can't be let pass without mention that former Oregon St. star Michael Conforto had a much more familiar second outing for the New York Mets. One that is more indicative of Conforto's ability to adjust and improve that has helped him become dominant at every level since Little League.

Conforto came up 5 times yesterday, and went 4 for 4, with 2 doubles, and also drew a walk. He scored 4 times, and got his 2nd RBI in the bigs in his first at bat.

It helped the usually inoffensive Mets to their biggest offensive day of the season, and a 15-2 win over the LA Dodgers.

Performances like that will help Conforto's career along, but it wasn't really a big surprise to Oregon St. fans or the Beavers Pac-12 opponents; we have seen the like of this before!