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What Questions Do You Want Answered At Pac-12 Media Days?

It's time to get serious about Pac-12 football.
It's time to get serious about Pac-12 football.

Pac-12 Media Days are coming up next week, and James will be there for Building The Dam, to get the story behind the sound bytes.

There's certain to be lots of curiosity about Oregon St.'s Gary Andersen, the only new head coach in the conference this year, and what he has in store, and there's no shortage of story lines elsewhere, as half the conference will be breaking in a new starting quarterback.

And there's at least 4, if not 5, teams that have not totally unrealistic hopes of making the College Football Playoffs, though there is also a gauntlet of conference foes who will have something to say about that.

What questions do you, as followers of both the Beavers and the Pac-12 in general, want answered next Thursday and Friday (Andersen, Storm Barrs-Woods, and "our" Larry Scott are up just after 11 AM Thursday)? Let us know what's on your mind in the comments section below, and James will try to track down the answers.

(45 days until kickoff of the Andersen era.)