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No Baseball In Dallas Today

Dallas Baptist's field is too wet for baseball today.
Dallas Baptist's field is too wet for baseball today.

Morning rains and lightning delayed field preparations and left the Horner Field unplayable for games scheduled today in the Dallas Regional, despite renewed efforts at helicopter drying.

As a result there will be no games today, and 3 games will be played tomorrow.

Today's first matchup, between the losers of yesterday's games, Texas and host Dallas Baptist, the first elimination game, is now scheduled for a noon CDT start (10 AM PDT).

Oregon St.'s game against Virginia Commonwealth is scheduled for 4 PM CDT (2 PM PDT).

Finally, the game that would normally be the Sunday first game, matching the winner of the Texas/Dallas Baptist game and the loser of the Oregon St./VCU game is now scheduled for 8 PM CDT (6 PM PDT).

The winner of the Beavers/Rams game will meet the winner of the 8 PM game on Monday, time still to be determined.

There will be a minimum of 55 minutes between games, and no game tomorrow will begin ahead of the scheduled time.

Horner Ballpark has turf throughout the infield, but grass in the outfield, very similar to what Goss Stadium was like prior to this year. Yesterday, the outfield was very wet, treacherous, and remained sloppy even after field drying efforts that included a helicopter.

But this has been the wettest May on record in much of Texas, and drying doesn't happen very fast in humid conditions even once the rain stops. The thunderstorms of Saturday morning deposited substantial additional water on the field. Fortunately, the forecast calls for no further heavy rains after early this evening, and a sunny day on Sunday, with highs in the low 80s, though with the humidity % not far behind that.