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Sloppy Play Costs the Beavers a Civil War Win

In an eerily similar performance to OSU's other games against the Ducks, sloppy play and a few missed pitches result in the 3-2 11 inning L.

The game started with a scare for OSU starter Sam Tweedt, allowing a leadoff single and then a one out double to Duck third baseman Mitchell Tolman to get runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out. Tweedt came through however, striking out the clean-up hitter Craig St. Louis and then getting a flyout to escape the jam. He had a solid day not earning many strikeouts, but he was able to get weak contact and the defense played well while he was on the mound.

Oregon State opened the scoring in the second and it started with a one out single for Billy King. That was followed by a Kyle Nobach single putting runners at the corner for catcher Logan Ice. He delivered with a sacrifice fly to deep left field and the Beavs left the inning up 1-0.

The next threat for either team did not come until the 5th when the Ducks brought in a reliever despite a solid performance by their starter Conor Harber. The move was not rewarded either when Caleb Hamilton ripped a ball down into the left field corner. From there he was bunted over and Elliott Cary was able to single him home, putting up the Beavs 2-0 through five innings.

Danger was still present however, with the Ducks creating another jam in the 6th for Tweedt. It began with a HBP that was called back thanks to the UO hitter leaning into the pitch but he responded but smacking a ball for a double. That was trouble but the OSU starter was able to strikeout the next batter, force a groundout, and get one more groundout after a walk. That left the game at 2-0 Beavers after six innings played and things seemed peachy although things turned sour in the 8th.

Heimlich had come on in the 7th and was pitching acceptably striking out the first batter in the eighth and getting a groundball to Hamilton at short, but he air mailed the throw and Harrison was unable to get the out. The Ducks capitalized on that mistake after a flyout. With a double and a single the visitors tied the game and while two more errors occurred there was no more damage except for surrendering the lead.

Logan Ice gave the Beavs one last chance in the bottom of the 9th when he smashed a ball into right field for a triple setting up Hamilton with the opportunity to go from goat to hero. He could not deliver though, chasing a ball off the plate and the game went to extra innings with the game obviously moving away from the Beavs.

Things finally got ruined in the 11th after a leadoff double for UO immediately put in a runner in scoring position. A groundout moved over that runner and Mitch Hickey, who had come in the 10th, needed a strikeout or a popout to save the Beavers' bacon. Pinch hitter Kyle Kasser didn't let that happen and hit a sacrifice fly to left field however and the Ducks took their lead. Oregon State had one last chance with the 3-4-5 hitters up, but the only one who could get aboard was Harrison on a HBP and the Ducks went parading in jubilation.

It was just like how the Beavs played the Ducks in Eugene and it was disappointing to see those old mistakes rearing their head. This team had appeared to turn a corner, but OSU either needed more offense or better defense. I'm inclined to say more offense as the Ducks are not normally known as a strong hitting team and holding a team to three runs should be enough.

The wake-up call narrative is cliche and tired, but in a long season I sure hope that's what this game becomes. Hopes for hosting a regional have certainly dwindled, and a 40 win season will have to wait for the postseason, but this team still has the potential to make a run. Let's just hope the inconsistency doesn't get in the way.