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It's Final 4 Time!

Could the entireseason have really been just all about Big Blue?
Could the entireseason have really been just all about Big Blue?
USA-Today photo, via SB Nation

The NCAA Tournament is down to the Final 4, and today's games in Indianapolis, both of which will be carried on TBS, will determine who plays Monday night for the National Championship, which will be on CBS.

The action starts at 3:09 PM PDT, when 7th seed in the East Michigan St. (27-11) from the B1G 10 takes on #1 seed in the South Duke (33-4) from the ACC.

It's the sole "non-chalk" game of either the men's or women's Final 4s, as the Spartans are the only non #1 seed to survive the first 2 weeks of the tournaments, and the Blue Devils are the only 1-seed that wasn't in as an automatic qualifier.

The second game from Indy tips at about 5:49 PDT, with West 1-seed Wisconsin (35-3) taking on Midwest and overall #1 seed Kentucky (38-0).

The Badgers, the B1G Champions, means the Big Ten is the only conference with 2 teams in the men's final 4, and the Wildcats, regular season and tournament champions of the SEC, are on track for a record setting 40-0 season.

Tomorrow, the women will set their championship game, which will be Tuesday evening, with 2 games in Tampa. ESPN has the coverage of all 3 games.

At 3:30 PM PDT, South Carolina (34-2), Champions of the SEC, takes on Notre Dame (35-2), Champions of the ACC, and then at 5:30 PM PDT, Maryland (34-2), Champions of the B1G Ten, takes on tournament overall #1 and defending champion Connecticut (36-1), Champions of the American Conference.

Finally, today also sees the last game of the year for any Pac-12 team, as UCLA (18-18) plays West Virginia (23-14) of the Big XII for the Championship of the WNIT at noon PDT, with coverage on the CBS Sports Channel.