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Beavers sweep the Tigers

Beavers prove to be to much for Grambling State Tigers

The Beavers who came off a 10-7 win Friday night faced The Grambling State Tigers again, today in a double header. Oregon State was white hot in the first game as their batters came alive in game 1. The Beavers started Drew Rasmussen as pitcher he proved to be crucial in Game 1 pitching extermely well for a little over seven innings.

Grambling State pitcher Andre Wilson would struggle walking Beavers Jeff Hendricks, then beaning Trever Morrison and KJ Harrison. Loading the bases in the bottom of the first the Beavers would use to their advantage taking a 2-0 lead after the first innining. The Beaver would just be getting their bats warmed up as they would continue to keep scoring in every inning.

Oregon State added one run in the second, and third inning, and two in the fourth off of a Trever Morrison extending their lead to 6-0. While Beavers pitcher Drew Rasmussen would continue to hold the Tigers scoreless, along with the Beavers  great fielding as they would get multipe ground outs.

Oregon State's Logan Ice would score off a Andre Wilson wild pitch.The Beavers bats would be white hot for the whole game as Kyle Nobach would add another homerun to the Beavers already hot streak extending the lead to 9-0. Grambling State would finally make a pitching change replacing Wilson with Torrean Woods in the sixth inning who wouldn't fare any better as the Beaver's batters abused the Tigers pitchers. Woods would load up the bases twice. The Beavers scored three runs on Woods.

He would be replaced by Breenan Williams who would also have three runs scored off of him. Caleb Hamilton would add another home run off of a Grambling State pitcher, running the score up to 15-0 in the sixth inning. Although the Beavers would score only one in the seven it kept their streak of scoring in every inning alive.

Grambling State couldn't seem to find any rhythm at the plate as they kept grounding out and Rasmussen would keep picking them off with strikeouts. Drew Rasmussen, who would pitch until the eight inning, would be taken out after given up two runs but the damage was allready done as the Beavers were up 16-2. Having thrown 101 pitches, he kept them scoreless for seven innings which helped the Beavers jump to a big lead, he finished with 10 strikeouts.

Clay Bauer would replace him and also give up a run before the inning ended 16-3. With the Beavers allready having scored 16 you wouldn't have thought they could go on another run, but boy did they ever.

Driving in nine runs in the eight inning, including a Michael Howard's home run, making it four for the night for the Beavers. The onslought would end as the inning finally came to an end, but not before the Beavers were up 25-3. Grambling State didn't have any answers as the Beavers got three quick outs to end the game.

The second game started with Travis Eckert pitching for the Beavers. He would open the first inning holding the Tigers scoreless. On the other side, Dion Holbrook would start for Grambling State. KJ Harrison in game 2 would start as catcher. He would make a couple of errors, by dropping a pitch resulting in a Grambling State player getting to third and dropping a tag to get the runner out at home. The Tigers would open a 2-0 lead in the top of second inning. Some Beaver fans were probally wondering if they hit themselves out after the first game.

They would respond in the bottom of second scoring off a Joe Gillette single to the middle of the field, to drive in Kyle Nobach to get on the scoreboard. It must have seemed like eternity after the first game 1-2. The Beavers would start to pull away in the bottom of the third after a Kyle Nobach single to drive in KJ Harrison. After the bases were loaded, Caleb Hamilton would be walked scoring Billy King with a walk 4-2.

The Beavers would hold the Tigers scoreless in the Fourth inning, as Gabe Clark would hit a home run extending the Beavers lead to 6-2. It looked like the Beaver's batters came alive again, Joe Gillette would single down to the rightside scoring Billy King. The Beavers scored three runs in the third and fourth innings to finally pull away from Grambling State.

The Beavers continued to hold the Tigers scoreless for the rest of the game. As they would score twice more in the fifth and seventh inning to finally put the game away 9-2. As the Beavers go on to sweep the three game series they improve to 8-3 while Grambling State falls to 2-8.

KJ Harrison in the game got his third triple of his freshman career. While, Clark improves every game, he got his third home run of the season in the first game after only having one last season, to go with 10 RBI on the season. The Beavers seem to have multiple batters who step up for them every game. The Beavers who scored 25 in game one proved they can be a dangerous team. They play Portland at 2pm on Wednesday.