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Sooner's Big Bats Beat the Beavers

Efficient hitting produces 9-6 Sooner Win.

The Beavers met the Oklahoma Sooners in Surprise Arizona, the Beavers came into the game 4-2 with a 10-9 win over Kanas St yesterday. The Sooners came into the game 4-4 and put a thumping on the Washington Huskies 10-1.

Alex Hansen would open as the pitcher for the Oklahoma Sooners and get off to rocky start. Jeff Hendricks would have a lead off double to start the game for the Beavers. He is batting .304 for the season. Hansen would throw a wild pitch allowing the Hendricks to get home with Hansen trying to cover the plate as the catcher tried to chase down the ball. The Beavers would be first to get on the board 1-0. Another errant pitch from Hansen would get Trever Morrison to third. Alex Hansen would then walk KJ Harrison. It would look like the Beavers would have easy sailing as Hansen was struggling early. Hansen would recover quickly with two strikeouts back to back. Hansen would then walk Beavers Elliot Cary. The bases would be loaded, but he would save himself with his third strikeout of the inning, closing the top of the first . Setting the tone for the rest of the game.

The bottom of the first was the Sooners chance to answer back and boy did they ever. The Beavers starting pitcher Luke Heimlich would start out by walking the Sooners Craig Aikin. Oklahoma would get their first two scores off triples by Sheldon Neuse and Anthony Hermelyn giving the Sooners a 1-2 lead. Austin O'Brien would then ground out to second, but he would drive in teammate Anthony Hermelyn to increase the Sooner lead to three runs 1-3. The Beavers would end the inning with another ground out finally closing out the first.

The Beavers second inning would be a fast one as Beavers got two quick outs by fly balls and a strikeout. The Beavers would have no hits in the top of the second inning. The Sooners would slow down a little in their second time at bat, which would be added by a wild pitch. An error by Christan Donahue to help the Sooners score their fourth run on the error and Chris Shaw coming home.

The Beavers would have a lot better third inning then the second, scoring a run off of a KJ Harrison double, Trever Morrison would bring the score to 2-4. The Beavers had a chance to bring the score within one but would leave a man in scoring position to end the inning. The Beavers would hold the Sooners scoreless in the bottom of the third along with zero hits and one error. The Beavers would end the inning on a amazing double play that saw Michael Gretler picking up the ground ball throwing to Caleb Hamilton for the out and Hamilton throwing to Billy King to first to end the third.

The fourth inning would see both teams scoreless. The Beavers would go scoreless for three innings, while the Sooners big bats would keep tacking on runs to extend the lead. They scored two in the fifth and three in the sixth to extend their lead to 2-9. In the top of the sixth, the Sooners would switch their starting pitcher Alex Hansen for Blake Rogers. The Sooners Hansen pitch a great game finishing with twelve strikeouts and rebounded from a shaky start. The seventh inning would see the Beavers answer back with a incredible line drive home run from the Beavers Gabe Clark driving in three runs to cut into the lead 5-9.

The seventh inning then took a bizzare twist, as the Sooner's head coach Pete Hughes tried to put in a Sooner's pitcher who wasn't listed. The Beaver's coach Pat Casey then yelled at the umpires that he couldn't do that. Hughes would continue to argue with the umpires and in the process get thrown out of the game. Before he left he would go over and yell at Casey who in respond would charge after Huges and they both had to be restrained much to the delight of fans and the Oregon State Beaver's radio announcer. After they figured everything out the game finally got on it's way again.

The Beavers would then go on to hold the Sooners scoreless for the last two innings but could only mange one run themselves. Gabe Clark would have a fly out to right field but Jeff Hendrix would score 6-9. The Beavers would miss another big opportunity by leaving two men on base to close the inning. The Sooners would make a great double play on a Joe Gillette ground ball after that it was just a matter of time and the Beavers had nothing left to offer in the top of the ninth falling to the Sooners 6-9.

The final score made the game look a lot closer then it really was, as the Sooners controlled the whole game. Although, the Beavers had twelve hits to the Sooner eight, the Sooners capitalize more. The Beavers had twelve men left on base while the Sooners had three. The Beavers also finished with two errors.

The Sooner's Alex Hansen improved his record to 1-1, while Sheldon Neuse gets his first save. The Sooners improve to 5-4. They play Utah at 1pm tomorrow at Goodyear Arizona.

Luke Heimlich dropped to 0-1, many might question while Beaver's coach Pat Casey kept him in as he seemed to struggle for most of the game. Oregon State was lead by Gabe Clark with a Home run, four RBI's and Jeff Hendrix with two runs scored. The Beavers fall to 4-3, they play Kansas at 10am tomorrow in Surprise Arizona.