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Beavers, Lobos return for Surprise dust up

Oregon State's final game of the Surprise Tournament kicks off at noon Pacific.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

No TV.  Radio on KEX-1190 (Portland), KEJO-1240 (Corvallis).

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Official Oregon State Game notes.

Oregon Live game notes.

Oregon State (2-1) finishes its opening weekend with a rematch of yesterday's 7-4 loss.  New Mexico (2-1), although a member of the largely unheralded (in baseball) Mountain West conference, is no slouch;  they are one of just five programs nationally to have won a share of their conference title each of the last three seasons, one longer than Oregon State's streak.

Jake Thompson is getting the start today for the Beavers.  Thompson started a number of games last year for the Beavers, including the ill-fated fifth game of the Corvallis regional.  Whether he becomes part of the regular rotation or not is probably still to be determined, probably at least in part by the results of the next two weekends.

The Surprise tournament (named after the city it is hosted by) doesn't have a trophy, but if it did, Oregon State could effectively claim it with a win today, as they'll be 3-1 with wins over each of the other tournament teams.  I must confess that I don't really understand the point of having a Tournament without a champion - shouldn't there be a trophy or something?  Otherwise, it's just kind of a series of games instead of an actual tournament.  One thing I do love about early season tournaments, though, is that I can listen to games on the radio at work.

After today's game, Oregon State will remain in Surprise for the week, as they play in the Big 12/Pac-12 challenge on the same field starting Thursday. Oklahoma State is first up and probably the best of the bunch, currently ranked #19 in D1 Baseball's Top 25.  Which means it is good for us that Andrew Moore will likely be getting that start, since that's the first game.  Oklahoma State actually spent last weekend in Arizona as well, losing 2 out of 3 in a weekend series against Arizona State.  The rest of the weekend will be filled out with games against Kansas State (in a rematch of the 2013 Corvallis Super Regional), Oklahoma, and Kansas.  Washington, Washington State, and Utah are also participating in the tournament for the Pac-12, but we won't see any of those teams play against the Beavers.