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Oregon State Will Wrap Up Home Schedule With A 3PM Game

Harry and the Huskies Are Coming!
Harry and the Huskies Are Coming!

Oregon State will wrap up their home football season on November 21 with a visit from old Northwest Rival Washington. And it won't be #Pac12LongAfterDark, at least to start with. The game will kickoff shortly after 3 PM, and it won't get dark until after halftime.

The desirable late afternoon start time (but not the highest of desirable) comes as a result of the game being relegated to the Pac-12 Network, and their never ending list of random start times that almost never align with any other tv windows. Interestingly, this was the first game of the 6 conference contests to get a start time, as the other networks are still crafting their overall schedule, but there was obviously zero interest in this contest between the 2 bottom teams in the Pac-12 North.

ESPN has pushed another November game in Pullman, between Colorado and Washington State, to an absurdly late, 7:45 PM start on ESPN2, but the networks are using their same week scheduling option for the potentially moderately big (or possibly totally immaterial) game between Stanford and California, the UCLA-Utah game that could determine the Pac-12 South, the USC at Oregon game, and the Territorial Cup all off for future scheduling to see which games, both among these, and nationally, are the most important ones, to the detriment of a LOT of Pac-12 fans.

Commuting will be as good as possible though, and If it doesn't rain, at least as much as it did last Saturday, both Beaver and Husky fans will be happier than they were at their most recent losses too. At least there is some silver lining to being bad!