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Gary Andersen Updates OSU QB Situation

Gary Andersen at this week's press conference.
Gary Andersen at this week's press conference.
(Image by Andy Wooldridge)

Oregon State coach Gary Andersen gave an update on the quarterback situation in his weekly press conference Monday. Nick Mitchell, who played his first complete game at quarterback in last Saturday's 27-12 loss at Utah, will get the start again this Saturday at Reser against UCLA.

Seth Collins, who injured his knee in practice last week, is unlikely to play, and may not even practice much if any yet this week, as the time off (Collins didn't even make the trip with the team to Salt Lake City) resulted in extra study time that led to aceing a par of quizzes, it didn't afford adequate recovery for the knee. Collins was still walking with a noticeable limp today on campus.

"I need to talk with the docs again, and talk with Seth, and figure out exactly what the scenario is," Andersen said.

"It will be It will be Nick (Mitchell with the first team), and Marcus (McMaryion) will be out there, and we'll see how that all goes."

No "Nall Ball"?

Andersen also addressed the question as to why Ryan Nall never got a carry against Utah, after having a career best (so far) game against Colorado.

"It's just the fact of the matter that getting to the outside was key," Andersen said. "Ryan is going to get his opportunities, but I don't know if it would have mattered who you would have put in there, if we were gonna run in the A gaps and the B gaps or even try to really bounce those things outside in the C gaps, it was really tough sledding. Those are two NFL linebackers, in my opinion, and three of those front guys are definitely NFL guys, and we just couldn't get them moved out of the way and we didn't feel like we could. Ryan's game is that. Ryan's game is getting inside and running the inside zone. He can bounce some runs to the outside, without question. But within the expertise, we needed him as a lead blocker to be able to be involved, which he was."

"We had some plans to get him in the throw game, three or four throws that went to him. The one was a real nice play when he made the spin move coming back. Had the one in the flat that he would like to have back ... so that was it. We needed to get Victor (Bolden) out there and let him get out and get on the edges of the defense. We felt like Storm could get on the edges of the defense, also. Just a little bit faster than Ryan could in those situations at this point in his career. But he's a focal point as we move forward, and we would love to have him banging around in those A gap and B gaps and making some runs for us, and he will as time goes on."