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Oregon State's visit To Berkeley a Late Night Game

The Beavers will visit the Golden Bears at night again this year.
The Beavers will visit the Golden Bears at night again this year.

Oregon State will get their co-latest start to a game of the year on November 13 when they visit California. The Golden Bears will host the Beavers at Memorial Stadium at 7:30 PM, and on the Pac-12 channels.

It's the second visit to Berkeley in a row for Beaver Nation that will kickoff after 7:30 PM, which was also game time in 2013. Ironically, it's also the first night game at Memorial Stadium for the Bears since that game 2 years ago.

That in turn also set the time for the men's basketball regular season opener against Northwest Christian, also on the Pac-12 channels, for 4:30 PM.

It makes for a viewing double-header for those Beaver fans that get the Pac-12 channel, but it will divide the crowd that will attend.

It won't be quite the latest #Pac12LongAfterDark game of the day, as ESPN set Washington State's visit to UCLA for 7:45 PM.

The only Pac-12 game of the 6 on the weekend that likely will be played in the daylight will be Washington's visit to Arizona State, which will be at Noon AST (11 AM PST), and also relegated to the Pac-12 channels.

The weekend kicks off Friday night, when USC visits Colorado at 7 PM MST (6 PM PST) on ESPN2. Oregon's game at Stanford will start after 4:30 PM, the FOX late afternoon tv window, and it will technically still be daylight down on the farm at that point, but it will be full shadows headed for dusk shortly thereafter.

The other game is Utah's visit to Arizona, and that's not been picked up by any of the tv providers yet, and is set currently for 7 PM in Tempe (this after the 'Cats hosted both Oregon State and Washington State in 1 PM scorching heat in October).

The Utes & 'Cats game will wind up on tv on some channel, but it looks like the conference audience will be widely fractured, after most of the day going by without eyes on any conference team.